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Twilight Stars’ Reactions on Breaking Dawn — Part 2 Twist Ending

Warning! Spoiler Alert Ahead if you have not seen the movie!

MTV Amy Wilkinson and Josh Horowitz interviewed Peter Facinelli and Jackson Rathbone and other Twilight stars on the ‘Breaking Dawn–Part 2′ twist ending.

“Twilighters have been speculating for weeks over the specifics of the film franchise’s finale, but few probably imagined heads would roll — literally.

When we caught up with the character’s real-life alter egos, Jackson Rathbone and Peter Facinelli, we had to ask what their reactions were to their almost-demises.

“I thought it was awesome, are you kidding me?” Rathbone enthused. “It’s one thing to portray a character that can never die, and then to have that exact thing happen is exciting. It really kind of shows a lot of family dynamic and how it raises the stakes of the conflict. ‘Cause a lot of times, you watch a movie, and you know the good guy is not gonna die. You’re gonna see that he’s gonna shoot his way out of the warehouse. He’s going to somehow find another gun. You know in the back of your head. You’re never really worried, so I think this raises the stakes in a grand way.”

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Wow! They were quite shocked themselves. I was wondering about Peter and Jackson’s reactions on their character’s “deaths”. Nikki Reed – Gotta love her!

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  • Lux

    Hi everyone! I just saw the film on Tuesday, and during the previous days, I had limited read comments and different post to not get to read any spoilers, and had avoided also see clips that had released as promotion, wanted everything to be a surprise. But when it came the time to live Alice’s vision there are no words to describe what I felt. A kind of stupor seized me. And it was worse, because even we haven’t recovered from Carlisle’s “death”, Jasper’s death came and then Seth’s and then Leah’s. It was too much.
    But I think it was a very good twist, the intense emotion that overwhelmed all of us was incredible. And even was a smart move than Carlisle was the first to die, because it’s the only character who would encourage all for equal to join the fight.
    But anyway, within the anguish than caused me at the time, which lasted me a while after the end of the movie, I really enjoyed this addition the director gave to the story, and the entire film itself.

    Kisses from Argentina.

  • ryder

    Oh, that’s really sweet, thank you.

  • Paige

    Yes this is why I loved part 2. The unique twist because they stayed true to the book and at the same time gave us something enjoyable and memorable. I saw it a second time on Tuesday and wish to see it again soon but don’t have time right now. I loved the fight scene,love scene,Jacob taking off his clothes, bella giving Nessie the locket and most of all seeing kristen as bella the vampire( her hunting that human) did it for me.

  • #impasse

    I think my heart came out when I saw Carlisle’s head in Aro’s hand!
    And when Jasper died! Then Seth and Leah! My friends and I were screaming and crying throughout! The Battle scene was just KILLING. :’( But I think it was a great twist- what a wonderful idea! This movie was truly EPIC. I will die a happy death now that I’ve seen this movie. :’) :P
    The ending couldn’t have been more perfect.
    I love this site and the people here. You guys rock! <3 __ <3

  • #impasse

    Ohmygod! Every word you wrote was just the same for me! <3

  • XeniaCullen

    I actually cried during the Edward and Carlisle moment :) And I absolutely adored the scene where Edward and Renesmee play the piano :)
    Although when the fight-part started with Carlisle losing his head I was about to leave the cinema. I was already planning a hate-letter to send to Melissa Rosenberg when Alice’s vision stopped… The whole cinema went “heew” cause everyone was mentally freaking out during the battle!

  • Lux

    Yes, and even more agonizing was see the reactions to the deaths in the faces of Esme, Edward, Alice, Leah, Jacob… When Aro killed Carlisle, I said “ready, or all or none, much less Carlisle.” And as the battle continued, we were losing more beloved characters… and none had his life insured… When Edward falls my heart and my body were paralyzed at the thought of his death as well, and there yes, I can assure I would die there, in the cinema… But they did very well, was completely unexpected.

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Oh my good golly gosh when I saw that battle scene again today I put my coat over myself like a tent and once it was over the whole theater laughed hysterically out of relief. Whhoo wee and as for that little father son moment. I don’t know what it is I just like seeing heartwarming moments like that

  • #impasse

    Oh yeah. :’(
    When Edward fell, oh god! :’(
    Totally! right until they showed Alice in front of Aro again I didnt ever think it was a vision.
    Bill Condon is pure genius! <3

  • marabenefici23forever

    Apparently my Hubs and I were the only ones in the theater that looked at each other and mouthed “vision” the second Alice and Aro looked at each other. We just snickered at all the people around us blubbering;”Carlisle!!”, “NOT JASPER!”…

  • EL304

    Ok I don’t know if anyone brought this up yet, but of all people my little bro who hasn’t even read the twilight books pointed this out to me, how were there wolves and renesmee in alice’s vision?! She can’t see them, she didn’t see Bella get pulled from the water in new moon. Maybe I missed some crucial fact, and I don’t think it detracts from the movie having that, just putting it out there.

  • JulietRose

    Did anyone see the rumored “after credits scene”? Because I stayed after the credits both times I saw it and there was nothing :(

  • Arorules

    The fighting clip was so friggen sad I was watching it with my mum when that dad dies from aro and we were like O.O ur kidding we were shocked and scared n when jasper n the others dies too but than when it was only a vision we were so happy (btw ARO RULES)

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