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Breaking Dawn Twilight Saga Poster

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Breaking Dawn Twilight Saga Poster
  • Jen

    Ive never commented on anything. But I LOVE THIS! it is amazing..I Cant wait for this movie!

  • edblfr

    how much excited i am to see bella with red eyes!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zebo

    This IS an awesome poster, but perhaps could be even better if Bella had one normal human eye and the other a gorgeous vampire eye.

  • Mukta

    may be instead of horizontal… u can try a veritical thing…

  • Laura

    That's awesome!

  • Callie S

    i cant wait in till it comes out

  • Callie S

    omg she has red eyes

  • Kisspinkvampire

    Hi I can’t waited until Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn comes out I will go and see at the ciema in Liverpool I love Jacob in it he is So Hot to watch and look at I am a big fan of the Series I have got 2 films I am going to buy Eclipse ones it gose down in Price Sherine Roberts
    From Liverpool

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