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Twilight ‘Forever’ Love Songs From The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Forever Love Songs From The Twilight Saga is available for pre-order at Amazon UK! The release date is February 10, 2014. We’ll post when Amazon US is available for pre-order.

Here is the track list!

Disc: 1
1. Bella’s Lullaby (Twilight Soundtrack Version) – Carter Burwell
2. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
3. Meet Me On The Equinox – Death Cab For Cutie
4. New Moon (The Meadow) – Alexandre Desplat
5. Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version) – Iron & Wine
6. My Love – Sia
7. Life On Earth – Band Of Horses
8. Love Will Take You – Angus & Julia Stone
9. Eyes On Fire (Twilight Soundtrack Version) – Blue Foundation
10. Turning Page – Sleeping At Last
11. What Part Of Forever – Ceelo Green
12. Possibility – Lykke Li
13. From Now On – The Features
14. Ghosts – James Vincent Mcmorrow
15. Monsters – Hurricane Bells
16. Let’s Get Lost – Beck And Bat For Lashes
17. Eclipse (All Yours) – Metric
Disc: 2
1. Jacob’s Theme – Howard Shore
2. It Will Rain – Bruno Mars
3. A Million Miles An Hour – Eastern Conference Champions
4. Full Moon (Twilight Soundtrack Version) – The Black Ghosts
5. I Didn’t Mean It – The Belle Brigade
6. Shooting The Moon – Ok Go
7. Northern Lights – Cider Sky
8. The Forgotten – Green Day
9. Solar Midnite – Lupe Fiasco
10. All I Believe In – The Magic Numbers And Amadou & Mariam
11. Neighbors – Theophilus London
12. Friends – Band Of Skulls
13. Atlas – Fanfarlo
14. Ours – The Bravery
15. The Line – Battles
16. Slow Life [With Victoria Legrand] – Grizzly Bear
17. Requiem On Water – Imperial Mammoth

Great Valentine’s Day gift!

Any love songs you think are missing?

Via Twilight FB & Jack Morrisey

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  • EluvsRob

    What about All I’ve Ever Needed by Nikki and Paul? That was an amazing love song I’m really surprised it didn’t make it. And Decode I’m shocked didn’t make it as well that was the biggest song for Twilight. But it’s cool cuz I have every album anyways and I still love almost all the songs.

  • maru85

    I agree With you, Decode, All I ever needed, and I would add Fire In the water by Feist and I liked A thousand years Pt. 2 better.

  • Sus

    ITA with you ladies, especially about “All I ever Needed,” and “Decode.” I like the BD2 version of “A Thousand Years” better, too! Weird……

  • ☠ Jamie ☠

    Decode, Heavy In Your Arms, and Heart Of Stone!

  • Twilight2402

    What about Fire in the Water, that was in the sex scene!!!

  • Overally_Obsessed_Twihard

    MUST….BUY….ALBUM! :) Love all these songs but Disc One has gotta be my favourite!

  • mary pat

    I do love “Heavy in your arms.” I always felt that the music selected for the saga defined each book. This will be a great addition on my i pod. Will buy as soon as it is available.

  • WastedGirl

    Where the heck is Rob’s song at?
    “Never Think”

  • holly

    Let Me Sign should be there it was in the first filn but left off the soundtrack.

  • sayit_outloud

    I don’t need this since I have all the soundtracks, but is anyone having trouble listening to the soundtracks without getting emotional? So many memories.

  • anonymous

    Decode and Heavy in Your Arms???

  • Salena Smith

    I Totally agree with you! :) That song was perfect for that part of the movie! ) and Rob did an Awesome Job :)

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