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Twilight Complete Film Archive Book Lands in October!

Twilight Saga Complete Film Archive
“The Twilight Saga: The Complete Film Archive: Memories, Mementos, and Other Treasures from the Creative Team Behind the Beloved Motion Pictures” is both the longest book title you’ve read today and the one you’ll want to pre-order!

It’s an official tome that acts as a yearbook for Twilight fans. It’s sad that we’re reaching the end of the Cullen era, but it’s nice to know we’ll have amazing mementos to remember it by.

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  • Gabrielle

    So buying it! It’ll be a bittersweet moment for me but it’s all worth it! :) I’ll be buying a copy for my friend as well,since she got me forever hooked on the series! :)

  • TwiKat

    Have anything that has twilight in them so this too will b a keeper! Thanks for letting us know!!!! Soooo love this site!

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Oh boy can’t wait to order this baby. Its gonna go to my collection as well as all my scapbooks and portfolios yes I am quite a hoarder but I have no shame

  • Den U.

    Sounds very cool. I already got all the novels, the graphic novels and the official guide but never was much interested in those behind the scenes books from the movies to be honest. I mean I love the films (okay technically I “only” like the first one and love the others because I felt the first film felt too flat and unspectacular in its execution and script. Its not that I didnt like the film , I just didnt love it either. Absolutely love New Moon, Eclipse and BD though. they did everything right that the first film did wrong. Actually I think the best adaptation of the first book is the graphic novel which is FAR better than the film) but as a big movie geek who also happens to be a great Twilight fan I am afraid there isnt much in those movie books that I dont already know. Plus they always felt more directed towards the teenage crowd of Twifans than adults.

    But maybe I´ll give this one a chance. What I truly would love would be a book that would contain the full scripts of the film with lots of illustrations and stuff. That I would buy instantly.

    But I have to admit I am not a fan of the coverart here. It seems kinda blant and like something every decent photoshop user could create on his own. Also it should focus on more then just Jacob, Bella and Edward. Yes they are the main three but I am kind of tired of the marketing people reducing this rich saga only to those three all the time. There are more than 3 characters in this saga.

    Which is also why with all due respect I must HEAVILY object against the claim that Twilight is the “Cullen Era”. Thats like reducing all Quileute to Jacob. To me the Twilight Saga is so much more than just the Cullens. They are just one piece of it all. Hell there are hundreds of years of history in the saga that doesnt even feature the Cullens. And if you talk only about the films then I would rather call it the “era of Bellas story” which includes everyone she affected with her story. I mean calling it only the Cullen Era is like a slap in the face of all Quileute and Jacob fans since he isnt exactly a Cullen (to ally themselves with them doesnt make him one of them) so I think to reduce the whole Saga to “the Cullen era” was honestly a very poor choice of words.

    But maybe thats just me.

  • Michelle

    Already pre-ordered it! So excited!!

  • MiSa

    @ Den U.: That’s really funny cos I only love the first film and the others not so much because in my opinion, they totally overdid it and lost the magic I felt when watching the 1st one. People are thankfully so different. :)
    I would like this book to be like the one for the first film but I doubt it. The cover isn’t that promising, I hope it’s not the final art.

  • Will

    A script with footnotes and bonus material in the margins is a great idea. And fair enough on “The Cullen era”…I didn’t think it that far through, wasn’t trying to dismiss the Quileutes. Originally the sentence said “Twilight era” but when I proofread it I felt like I had already said the word “Twilight” about a zillion times in two paragraphs, so I just wanted a quick synonym for variety.

  • crafty_emmy

    shame it’s from the creative team and not the stars that would be amazing

  • Dixie

    i have to have this! I am still hoping Stephenie will finish Midnight Sun to add to her other Twilight books

  • Jrpattz

    I’m going to cry when I get mine !!! Boo Hoo I hate to see it end.

  • twihard

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this baby I love watching the b-roll of these films they are funny especially when it comes to Emmit,Jasper, and Edward thery’re funny to watch like in BD 1 whenEdward/Rob tries to learn how drive the boat and kills the practice/Rio boat!! Lol
    I am glad Robsten madeup even though I get made sometimes in just thinking on what she did but hey they are in LOVE!!!



  • briana

    Getting everything of twilight then i`m keep in a safe place so when i am old enough i will ALWAYS remember twilight.TWILIGHT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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