• mommios3

    Where will the real dress be displayed?

  • Nivedha


  • Krysta

    That dress is so gorgeous! it looks great on Kristen!(:

  • katti

    Kate Middleton would of looked beautiful in this dress.  I like this dress better than what she wore.  Both girls are built the same.

  • It_Will_Rain

    That’s an amazing dress I myself am not a big “twie-heart” but I loved the BDpart1 and this dress will be amazing once I actually get to hold it in my hands, let alone wear it on my wedding day!!! Especially since no one but myself knows what the dress looks like(I’m kinda thankful for my normal sized breast not to small not to big).

  • It_Will_Rain

    And I also need the Hair Comb as quick as possible(now I sound like I’m bragging :/ )

  • Nancy

    How i can buy this dress??

  • http://www.facebook.com/virliehalley Halley Cisneros

    amazing dress! i like!

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