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The Twilight Saga Official Jewelry Collection At Bed, Bath & Beyond

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Check out the Twilight Saga Official Jewelry Collection at Bed, Bath and Beyond! Just in time for the holidays! Go HERE to look at the collection. This must be some real stuff here, friends. The prices are wow! It ain’t cheap! $$$

I get Bed, Bath and Beyond 20% off coupons all the time, plus they will still take them even if they’re expired, but the prices are still high.

I really want Bella’s moonstone ring.

Dear Santa…..

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  • carlita3

    me too… i really like bella’s moonstone *-*

  • Amber Eyes

    I looked at these the other day, thinking about a possible Christmas gift for my daughter,(she would love Bella’s ring) but they are expensive! The stones are real. I personally love the Cullen’s crest pendant & chain. Maybe after the hype of the film coming out dies down and they put this stuff on clearance.

  • JayPat

    I was thinking the same thing! Like hinting to my husband to get me the moonstone ring, but there is not way he’d pay that! I’m hoping after Christmas clearance sale!

  • TBRK

    i looked at the twilight jewarly and wanting the engament ring and saw the price hopfully a clearance sale for i could get a chance to aford it. if they think people can aford those pricwes there crazy.

  • Lily Cloninger

    I didn’t find them in the actual store, and the salesperson had no idea what I was talking about. Are they an online exclusive, or do I need to check other places?

  • zaty

    i want that ring badly :(

  • Twilight Stalker

    I LOVE Twilight sooo much and I told my mother I wanted this collection really bad especially Rosile’s necklace !! But I asked my mom and she was LAUGHING even at the one on amazon that had all of them for 157.00 !!! I NEED them to go on sale NOW !!!!!!!!!! I am oneof the most extreme Twilighters in the world I need it NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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