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‘The Twilight Saga’ Marathon Trailer

Check out the trailer for the Twilight Saga Movie Marathon Trailer on November 15th! You can purchase your tickets to the Twilight Saga Movie Marathon at Fandango!

Who’s going?!

Thanks Sam!

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  • Lotteeeeh

    im going to the marathon in the netherlands! starting nov. 13 at 2;30 pm, until 2 am!!!!

  • mary pat

    Such mixed emotions – Excitement to see the all of the movies and then the epic BD2 and such sadness that this is the end.

  • Hunny Due

    I Have all The Movies at My House and I have a stand Up poster in my window to show every one I am a King size Twilight fan I will looking at all the move’s intill the end Yea the move is comeing soon

  • Jay

    I’m going! Can’t wait, but so sad it’s coming to an end. I got a twilight tattoo so show my love for this amazing saga!

  • Mary Masen

    Oh, I am definitely going!!
    Today it’s 10.16.12 and in 30 days (aka on 11.16.12) the world shall go deaf because of the millions and millions of Twihard screams.
    I love Twilight<3

  • kansasfreak

    I have my marathon tickets since the first week they came out. I can’t wait!

  • twi-obsessed

    I’m going! It seems the best way to see off the saga :’( Staying up till 2.30 am on a week night is a small price to pay for the ending of our beloved saga

  • Dottie

    How do you find out where it is playing and what time

  • ariane

    go to

  • ariane

    I’ve had my marathon tickets since the first week they went on sale! It’s a great way to say goodbye. I know my bum will be tired after 13hrs of sitting but seeing the hunk of a man Robert Pattinson on the big screen is well worth it!

  • twilight_girl

    Oh,my i’m such a mess, sitting at my laptop, the moisture briming out from under my eyes, just from seeing the fandango trailer. Wow, this journey we’ve all been on is coming to an end, the memmories i will treasure in my heart forever .

  • Elise

    Sadly we don’t have marathons here in Australia, so no :(

  • Ashley

    I allready have my tickets! Can’t it be 15 Nov right now? But it’s also sad that the journey ends … I really love twilight. The movies will end but twilight stays for ever in our hearts <3 Grtz from The Netherlands ! :)

  • nenaangelica

    Got my tickets!!! Does anyone know if there’ll be breaks in between the movies?? You know to eat lunch and dinner!! lol it is a 12 hour event!!

  • Sherie Gordon

    me and my sister bought our tickets two weeks ago for the ipic theater im gonna watch my movie and say good bye to the twilight saga in style lol cant wait

  • Colleen West

    I went to a marathon event like this when Eclipse came out and they showed the three films back to back. And if I remember correctly there is usually half an hour (give or take) between each movie.
    Or even think about it this way it is a 12 hour event, if we round all of the movies off at 2 hours that’s 10 hours of movies. Then the other 2 hours can be split into four 30 minute sections that will go between each movie nicely.

  • twilight_girl

    Hi Elise, I live in Australia too and i thought they do have twilight marathons like in event cinemas and Hoyts.Right?
    They did last year.

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