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The International Poster is Maybe Better than the American One

Breaking Dawn Part 2 International Poster

Compared to the awkward running-in-place-in-front-of-a-green-screen poster teetering towards Photoshop disaster that was revealed earlier this week, this final poster for international release to my eyes looks even cooler!

What do you think? Which of these two Breaking Dawn Part 2 posters is your favorite?

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  • Rue

    So much better, I was a little disappointed when I saw the america one. I mean they changed the whole style they’ve had for four years

  • EdwardsTwilight

    OMG I love this one even better. The other one is good too but definitely at the bottom of the list compared to all of the posters of the entire saga.

  • Olga

    I think they kind of tried to copy what Harry Potter did for their last poster and tried to do the same, but utterly failed, I like this one way more.

  • asja

    Yes, I like this one better…it captured the essence with this “magical trio” standing over the Volturi, who are coming organized, prepared but still…they are smaller than our crew :)

  • bdfan

    Just an fyi breaking dawn pt2 merchandise is available at hot topic.

  • Sam

    I’m loving getting any posters we’re given coz soon we won’t get anymore!!! :(

  • Mary Pat

    Far superior to the American version. Bella, Edward and Jacob all look fierce. This is after all Bella’s story and evolution. Compare her face her to that of the first Twilight poster….

  • Lux

    In my eyes, this poster is better too. I think it captures well the essence of the film, the context of darkness shows the tension, the real danger, the antagonism … Yes, I like much more.

  • Mirandathevampgirl

    Muy bien!
    Much better!

  • phaedra82-Edward’s only Bella!

    Oh yeah! Definitely better than the weird running one.

  • Zoe E

    OMG this is way better. I’m so glad that they kept the style like the others :)

  • ★FreezeBurn♥RobMyCooter★BTB®

    I agree. This poster is better. But what can ya do??

  • Alisea

    This one is much better! I loved it! Im going to miss Twilight so much!!

  • TwihardestTwihard

    It sure is I ordered my stuff today!!! I got every single shiet beause it’s te last movie :( i must get the thriws and pillowcases too! I’m waiting for the Bella and Renesmee shirts!

  • Amber

    This is a hell of a lot better than the american one. The american one looks super stupid

  • Mary Masen

    Both of the posters are cool. I just like this one a little more.
    Bella looks so beautiful!!

  • sam

    This one is much better :)

  • Sejla Bukva


  • Lill

    I love this poster waaaaaaaaaay more than the other one .
    I love that they included the Volturi in this one while Bella,Edward , and Jacob are above just like the other past ” twilight ” posters .

  • Tessa

    What country is this from?

  • Unique Jenique

    What is wrong with Edward’s eyes??? And Bella’s look out of proportion. Anyway, I am gonna have to admit that I like this one better as far as the layout and the dark tone goes. I always loved the Volturi. HOWEVER, I like the different aspect to the one we got here. I liked to see the running and the different faces of the other vamps..

  • Kristen Nicole Phillips

    This one I way better! It’s a classic poster and not a movie scene. They also look normal in this one. This one is how I pictured the poster not that running junk they gave us.

  • Kristen Nicole Phillips

    I also quite enjoy the red eyes

  • Erika Gigstad

    I wonder if this would be the cover for the “making of” book.

  • Will

    You’re right. They need to get away from these Photoshop HD disasters and just take some f’ing photos that aren’t in front of green screens.

  • Will

    NOTHING. They’ll never learn.

  • Will

    I just wish they’d stop selling a vision and start selling a story. These posters tell me Lionsgate/Summit have no f’ing idea.

  • Will

    Who knows

  • Will

    You’re completely and definitely spot on. They’re trying to copy the tactics from another movie but falling short because they don’t understand what makes this story so important.

  • Lux

    Yes, the issue with the different posters has been so irritant!! It was quite remarkable to see the little effort and zero creativity in their making. One would think that movie after movie, after giant revenue, would be invested in better production, increasing the quality of the final work, but it wasn’t that way. Instead, they used to much photoshop practically disfiguring the protagonists’ faces.

  • Lux

    What they have done with Edward’s eyes and with his hair in these posters is unbelievable and unforgivable!

  • Salander

    LIke this one! :D

  • Jule

    International SOOO much better then US but they still ruined edwards hair!!!

  • Calwen

    Wow, I really love this one!!! Finally, our trinity look real and good. And Volturi are cool. Perfect poster!

  • BornInKiev

    Definitely better, but it still creeps me out a little bit. Seriously, what the hell happened with Edward? He doesn’t look 17 to me. And whoever did this poster has this odd fascination with photoshop. They just don’t look natural

  • K2☼_Cosmo♥BD2♀TR♣QotD♦MB♂

    At this point, I roll my eyes and yet still squeal for nearly anything Twilight! I’ve had 4 years to realize poster designers must be in their first years at Summit, and to their luck, I’m a sucker for this SAGA!!! *sigh* So I roll with it. I do like this poster better, the US one looks the same as how I used to pose my Barbies when I was little…and then left them like that.

  • LupieLaurel

    I agree…LOVE the international poster so much more. Went to the movies today and saw the Bella ‘Forever’ poster in the lobby. I got goosebumps and then my son said very loudly: “Mom! There’s your movie, Mom! There’s Bella!” makes a Mom so proud!

  • asja

    Eyes are only one thing that is wrong…look at his hair!!! He looks like Johnny Bravo…seriously, I am so mad about Edward’s hair on BD…I know it’s silly to go ballistic over some fictional character’s hair…but when I look at Twilight and New Moon photos, it just makes me sad how far from the original Edward they’ve strayed :(

  • Solange Semedo

    i liked both :) )))))

  • April Thompson

    If you really look at this one, i love it btw, Summit.Lionsgate have really gone back to the look of the Eclipse poster, which i think is really good

  • Digitty

    Yep, definitely like this one a lot more. The close-ups, especially. The other ones don’t look natural .. Edward’s hips look crooked and the feet look disfigured. Dumb decision peeps! Oh well.. still love it.

  • BeLynda Smith

    I definitely like this one better. It’s more in keeping with the rest of the individual posters that were released.

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