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The Hillywood Show Breaking Dawn Part 1 Parody


Here it is guys!!!

I love how comedic they made it and the costumes were just as fantastic as ever.

They changed the actor who played Edward in the last three Twilight parodies :( But I’m SO glad they kept the guy who plays Jacob!!

[Source: YouTube, Twitter]

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  • Lizzybethpaige

    Grow up.

  • Ej


  • permatawiinni

    nice video, good and funny, i like it ^_^

  • ANdy

    i loved it a lot….but then again i cant understand why jacob would sing to the baby that song was better off just in the begining and not the end…its too much for a baby

  • Tawanna

    I’m 13 years old and I even love this video will you make the breaking dawn prt2 parody any time soon? Because you guys are the best and we love you!!!!!!!!

  • iluvwolves24
  • meflirfg

    Okay y’all like the Twilight Series way too much. Look guys in the book JACOB FALLS IN LOVE WITH A BABY it’s its own form of PEDOPHILIA! Get over the fact that stephenie meyers is an awful writer.

  • Aly

    My favorite parts was when Jacob was dry humping the air and my other was when they were in the water and he just popped up lol

  • yolo1200

    ♥♥♥♥♥. Nuff said.

    Team Jacob!!!

  • jade armstrong

    team edward. love the songs. so funny,

  • Twilight lover

    Ok he doesn’t fall in love with her he just his to protect her and make sure she is always safe when the imprintiee is of proper age is when the wolf falls in love with them and even then it might never turn into a romantic relationship get it right or don’t talk

  • Ballet

    Ok u should see how much work they put in to this go on YouTube and u can see the back stage point of view is funny

  • Wolf girl

    It’s true but these r the stages on imprinting 1. A big brother type of relationship 2 best friend 3 the wolf will start to fall in love and want to protect more 4 when proper age wolf will fall in love and stay in love even if the Impreintie never dose and if she or he dose then there is a huge chance there relationship will just get stronger and stronger cus the wolf can’t hurt them

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