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The Final ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Trailer from Yahoo!

HERE IT IS! The final Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer! It’s alittle longer the trailer shown at the MTV VMAs with some extra never before scenes. It looks amazing!

*grabs tissue* I’m happy and sad and excited and happy…. *wipes tears, blows nose* ;)

LET’S DISCUSS! Kate and Garrett! Her testing her power on him! “You’re an amazing woman!” *swoon Lee Pace* Everything!

Screencaps after the break!

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  • Tomas


  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    It wasn’t a tabloid D.Martin was talking about. It was supposedly from the press Q&A from the Huffington Post Canada.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Yes, it does seem that their both still huring and you could see it in Robs eyes and demeanor. I did see that he stayed backstage when he arrived, and talked with Taylor and Wcyk, but I didn’t think he would sit in the audience anyway. I felt bad for him when it came time for him to introduce the trailer. It looked painful for him and I to felt it to. He just looked like he wanted get it over with and leave. It did make it hard to get excited about seeing the trailer, seeing him like that. Kristen has lost some weight, like Rob during all this, I think it kind of goes with being under alot of stress from the situation, but it doesn’t seem to be to the extreme. Its true she has alot of hate directed at her, but at the premiere it seemed she had alot of fan support there and she didn’t have to contantly fend off questions in interview about her personal life at least, the way Rob had to. D., Kristen has alot of people around her and I don’t think they will let anyone hurt her and I hope she will get some counseling, which I think she would benefit from whether she and Rob get back together or not, to understand why she sabotaged her own life the way she did. All we can do as fans, is pray that its gets better for them soon, it is hard to see them look so unhappy.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    The only complaint I have Mirandathevampire girl, is it will not be long enough, it can never be to long for a twi-hard.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Glad you got to be there to support Kristen. I’m sure it meant alot to have the fans their for her.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    That girl did the right thing, it wouldn’t help the situation at all.

  • D. Martin

    “…I don’t think they will let anyone hurt her…” I hope you’re right. I’ve been watching twitter. It’s the second day and some people are getting bolder in their questioning. I’m glad Kristen has her publicist with her.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Are people threating her on twitter, I haven’t seen any of that, just some saying you can’t like Kristen and like Rob to, makes, them seem very immature and that their probably kids. Life isn’t just that simple, its complicated.

  • D. Martin

    Lena & Princess Sparkes are following a lot of stuff on Kristen — Kristen’s mom follows Lena I think. Anyway, some people are posting crap and they’ve posted links to interviews where people are pushing the envelope. One girl in the crowd yelled, “Kristen you little b*tch!” Another girl was going to yell something at her at her table where she was eating breakfast.

  • Vampire Bella

    Omg, this trailer is so effing amazing. Bil Condodn, you are so awesome you captured the book in such finesse. Thank you for every single actor/actress Kristen , Robn, Taylor, and the adorable Mackenzie Foy, noone could ever replace you roles.I have never been so addicted to a trailer as i have been for this one, So beautiful. This trailer it’s like drug or something. lol. I can’t wait for November. I never want this to end. Absolutely phenomenal, epic. Luv you guys. So teary right now

  • Hotpinklnk

    I think the fight scene you see is Alice’s vision when she drops the vase. That’s the only way they can explain it, since the fight doesn’t actually happen.

  • EL304

    Wow. I love it. I LOVE RENESMEE SHE’S SO CUTE. And the volturi are making quite a fashion statement. Bella’s ninja kicking skills in the end=coolio. I still can’t wrap my mind around the idea that this is the last movie :I

  • Den U.

    the trailer is indeed awesome and the movie seems to be way bigger and more epic than expected. The thing that really screwed Breaking Dawn up for me in the book was the ending. It was probably the biggest and most disappointing anti-climax in history. a final battle between Cullens and co. against the Volturi would have been the perfect showdown for the saga, a worthy finale. Like Harry Potter had the battle of Hogwarts, like Star Wars had the final confrontation of Jedi and Sith, like Lord of the Rings had the battle of Pelennor and at the black gates. Thats how you conclude an epic fantasy saga. Thats where Breaking Dawn the book utterly failed. Building up the greatest battle you could have for a finale and then everyone just goes home after an intense discussion? The bad guys are not even defeated and continue to rule? No true price or sacrifice for the victory of freedom? As much as I love the Twilight saga, the ending was a huge letdown and punch in the face for me. Eclipse had a way better ending. And considering that BD is supposed to be the grand finale thats really bad. I mean otherwise BD is everything a finale should be. Its more mature,darker,grander, more powerful. It had so much potential to become the greatest in the series but Stephenies decision to build up such epic stuff in this book only to not delivering it in the end hurt this book a lot in my eyes.

    I always knew (or rather hoped) they couldnt do it like that in a big fantasy film. Twi-hards or not that kind of ending would never work in a movie. Everyone who wasnt enslaved to the book would throw eggs at the screen. The movie would get very bad mouth to mouth propaganda by critics and many moviegoers who isnt necessarily a Twi-hard.

    And even though I am a huge fan myself, I would have hated it too. I really dont care if its different in the book. That doesnt mean its better in the book. Because its really not. I literally prayed that they would make this movie more epic and action-filled then the book and really deliver the kind of finale the book should have had: a big epic final battle of heroes and villains thats worthy of an epic fantasy saga and can be right up there with Harry Potter and the rest of the fantasy epics elite. A battle with grand action, high stakes, big emotions and powerful sacrifices. Now thats what I call a Finale.

    Of course Twilight is and always shall be primarily about the emotions and relationships. Its not an action-fest and never will be or should be. And of course it needs to capture what the book is about. But I am sure that it will do that perfectly anyway. Though I dont think Part 2 is primarily about the romance of Bella and Edward anymore. That kind of concluded its progression with Part 1. This film is rather about Bellas love to her child (and also Jacobs bond with Renesmee). But apart from that this movie like Bill Condon said is really very different from the other films. This isnt so much about romance anymore, its about the protection and meaning of family, about Bellas rise as a vampire hero and the grand finale which is of course the confrontation with the Volturi (which is of course the perfect showdown for the saga that has been pretty much built up since New Moon). This movie is much more a fantasy-epic then the previous films, in its scale almost a war movie in its buildup. Condon said that he wanted to make Part 1 about the characters and raw emotions, personal, shocking and intimate. And he really did.

    While he wanted Part 2 to be entirely different and be more of a grand fantasy epic with Bella being almost some form of warrior princess. And I really really love this approach.

    I am also very impressed and glad that Stephenie Meyer who produces these films is completely onboard with the changes for the action and the final confrontation. Many writers could have just insisted on keeping it like in the book but she truly understands that the films and books are not the same (and shouldnt be) and to make the best possible and most exciting and satisfying film you have to change or add certain things. making it more visual, more thrilling, more action-driven. She understands the need for that (She already did on New Moon and Eclipse though the change required in BD Part 2 is much bigger) and I am really impressed by her and have huge respect for her because of that.

    of course there will always be fans who cant look past the book and will criticize these changes immensely but I am so happy and so glad that Condon, Rosenberg and all the others decided to take that risk and simply focus on making the best and most epic finale possible.

    Seeing all this stuff in the trailer that I had longed for so much in the book makes me really really happy and most of all relieved. Now Breaking Dawn can finally be what it always should have been. The best installment of the saga and a true worthy finale that makes me feel fully satisfied.

    The trailer also showed a scene where Jacob and Renesmee are running from a Volturi. Could it be that Jacob gets his own special fight scene with a Volturi (similar to Edward fighting Victoria in Eclipse to protect Bella) to protect Renesmee ? That would be so awesome. All of the main characters should get their great battle moment to shine. Hopefully Alice makes it into the battle as well somehow and gets her shining moment of action. Not only because she has by far the most spectacular fighting style of the vampires but also because I love Ashley so much and I would just love it so much to see her kick some Volturi ass. She still has a score to settle with Dimitri from New Moon :P

    Anyway that trailer fills me with great relief, happiness and major excitement. Looks like Breaking Dawn Part 2 really will be the big,epic and worthy finale I had hoped for. All Hail Bill Condon :)

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Its because of Twilight, it touched people in such a personal way, you can’t help but care about the people who portrayed them.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I felt the same way, she was portraying a character on the red carpet.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I did hear about the b*tch comment, has anyone there say that really happened? I hope it didn’t. At least Kristen had more supporters than haters at the premiere, she seemed touched by that. I did see on twitter about the girl in the restaurant, at least she did do right thing and didn’t say anything, it wouldn’t have helped and it wouldn’t have made her feel any better.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Yeah interviewers will push the limits for such, like they did with Rob. They still went there, except for Josh.

  • D. Martin

    Yeah. I love Josh. Totally professional and great.

  • D. Martin

    I felt that way too. And how great was Garrett and Kirsten? It looked like they were really looking out for Kristen.

  • D. Martin

    Thank you for posting this.

  • D. Martin

    Thank you so much for this! I feel like I’m inconveniencing people when I ask them to print what it said because I can’t hear it. Thank you!

  • D. Martin

    LOL! Um…Okay honey. But how do you really feel? *grin*

  • D. Martin

    This is from the Daily Beast (the same outlet that Jodie Foster used for her essay defending Kristen):

  • newborneyes

    Thankyou I can´t see the trailer vry well it keeps cuting parts and I wasn´t able to understand a word specially the beggining thankyou very much!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Thanks for the link. I did see the video of the interview to.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Your welcome.

  • Rachel

    Just a bit of speculation here. So Edward and Bella are in the middle of the fight of their lives at the end of the trailer, now I don’t think that there would have been time for them to say to each other “ok I’m gonna grab you and spin you round and you’re gonna kick that vamp coming up behind me in the head.” My theory is that Bella learns how to let Edward read her mind before the end of the movie and he reads her mind in that clip and then they do the roundhouse kick. Maybe, or am I just talking out of my backside? LOL. It’s a good theory anway.

  • MissN.Gravety.Magnet.Satellite

    Okey, So I’ve been holding It In for a while.. But here we go..

    W O W!
    I am so.. BLOWN away.

    This Is the most EPIC!trailer we’ve ever gotten for any twilight film.

    It’s not only the way that It actually seems believeable – but it’s the way It’s being portrayed. The cougar scene Is in some sort of way so realistic that It becomes hot. It’s so great to finally see Kristen fight back.. and I could not agree with Bella more, she has never seemed more alive.

    Her outfits, clothes and looks are so perfect for Kristen and so vampirish enough for Bella and yet – She makes all of the outfits so sexy. It feels like Bill Condon really has gotten a grip for the clothing in Breaking Dawn – the outfits are one of the fue things that actually “turns me on” for this movie, If you get my point? It’s so right that I cant wait to see the movie and all the other vampires.

    Another great scene Is that Renesmee Is so involved, and It’s going to be one of the high lights to see Kristen and Rob being parents.

    One thing, that actually makes this whole trailer.. Is the feelings in Robs(edwards) voice. I cringe sometimes ,because of how honest and fragile he sounds – so loving and so real. Kristens voice Is sort of the same way – Bella seems a bit lighter in her voice, as well as she seems so much more secure. Arh, I’m loving the little details and I cant waaaaaiiit to hear Renesmees voice – which supposingly Is done so well!!

    I LOVE that we get another flashback scene – They are always so magical.

    One thing though, that does make me so disappointed Is that I feel so… not scared.. by the volturi. Or at least, by Aro and Jane. Janes make-up.. sure.. Is improved, but It’s more like a halloween custome.. and Aro? When I look at him I see a clown.. I just.. want to be scared. The only thing that actually made me excited (in a scared way?) was the black roabs – when they ran towards the cullens. That Is the only thing that makes me feel like “WOW… This .. can be something”..

    And as for this fighting scene.. oh, wow wow wow.. I am so hoping this is the REAL fighting scene – cause It would make the story so much more intense, the movie so much more exciting. For It to be a “vision” of Alice.. It would mean higher expactations in the end, and If It ends of with a lot of talking and nothing happening.. It’s not gonna be good.
    I LOVE!!!!! Bella and Edwards kick-ass-faces. Edward breaking the Ice Is finally something that shows his strenght!!!!!! And them teaming up with hands touching, eyes connecting – him throwing her and Bella kicking Volturi ass? MY GOOD. That’s to much sexyness in one scene! It’s SO! good. I cant stop repeating that scene, over and over again.

    I am also, completely in love with Garrett and Kate and I am not only glad that they keept it for the movie, but I am so glad for the chemistry they have. I am so interested in these characters all ready, so to see them on screen Is going to be one of the best in this whole saga. All vampires seems so real, so completely right in their element and I have to say.. I am more impressed then ever how this cast just blends together.

    I am thinking of how much we’ve gotten to see in these trailers – and then I am thinking about all that we haven’t seen yet. There Is SO much coming and I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for any movie, as I ‘ve been for this.. and I have never, ever been as secure about a movie as I am for Breaking Dawn part 2.

    Kristen has been loading up for this moment, and DAMN. She is doing It so right. No one could have done Bella as she has – and she has finally comed out of her shell. I can tell all ready – she Is probably the sexiest vampire of them all.

    They have never also, been such a team that they are in these movie. They are all teaming up, knowing eachother and knowing their characters – giving us a finale movie by giving everything they have.

    Man.. I am so proud. I am so sad, cause I cant believe this is the finale year, the final movie, the final trailer and this is the final time.. we’ll go through this together.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, twilighters and twilightfans. Thank you so much, for everything I’ve learned from you. Thank you for all the ups and downs, the loving and the hating. But most of all – thank you for standing united through It all.

    And mostly, thank you for all that we’ve gotten to know thanks to twilight.

    The actors,directors,writers,Stephanie,the make-up people.. Everyone, who has been a part of this, has been a part of changing my life as It Is.

    So thank you.. and good night.

  • leahreallyitis

    hey O/T for sec there is something seriously wrong with the robsessed site it is gone! seriously hand too god it is gone! I don’t know what happen I was just on it and I went too log off one thread too go on another and it just suddenly said “oops! sorry the site you are looking is not working or whatever I need to know what the e-mail adress is of the site so that I can find out what happen! *o*

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I was on there earlier today and when I tried to get on it said the same thing. I’m glad it wasn’t just me now, I was seriously thinking what the heck! Do you know the site owner/moderator and their web address? I don’t. Theres a few other from BD site that go there to maybe they know whats going on. That happened to Eclipse site a while back no one could get on hardly. Lucky some of us are friends with MrsEdwardCullen and were able to email her and get answers from Will. Let me know if you hear something and I’ll do the same. People are going to freak out.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Mirandathevampiregirl have you tried to get on Robsessed site this evening? I’m tried its gone and Leah, told me that she went to post on another thread and the site disappeared poof it was gone.

  • Mary Masen

    Aww, thanks Miranda! You know you’re all those things too right? It’s a Twihard thing. ;)

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