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The Esme, Carlisle & Emmett Barbie Doll Plus The ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Edward & Bella Barbie Doll Gift Set


We previously posted the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Vampire Bella Barbie Doll. Now we have the Bella and Edward gift set, Esme, Carlisle and Emmett Barbie Dolls!

There’s not an Breaking Dawn Part 2 Edward doll, just with the gift set which is not available until December 1, 2012 Esme, Carlisle and Emmett are on back order until February 22, 2013!

You can check out all the Twilight Saga Barbie Dolls HERE! The Bella Bride Barbie Doll is no longer available. :(

Esme doll looks great.  Emmett needs to be bulkier.  And Carlisle has a little too much eye makeup. LOL!   I’ll still want them!

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  • Jenn (RpatzLover84)

    The Bride Bella is beautiful. Too bad they don’t have it!

  • PurpleHippo

    Aww! I was so looking forward to the Emmett doll! But that picture…. he looks like his face got hit by a truck haha. Maybe it’s better in person *fingers crossed* The Esme is pretty though :)

  • TeamSpaceHeaters-Paulex[Mar09]

    Omg these are hilarious!!!!

  • YummyRobwardowski

    The Edward & Bella dolls look like they’re straight out of Grease! Lol!!

  • Blue Moon

    WHAT have they done to Carlisle? :’-( He looks…. like an effeminate 80′s icon!

  • Jennifer Rogers-Germain

    I always thought the Victoria and Alice ones were the coolest.

  • C.B.W.

    I spotted the gift set at Toys R Us on Black Friday! Of course, I bought it! :-) The dolls are actually holding hands!!

  • Lora Lynn

    Check angelic dreamz

    They had it last week and I ordered a second one. They did an amazing job with Bella’s bride doll :) Good Luck~ They have released the set with Bella and Edward together, at Toys R Us, it’s only $49.99 You can even order it online to pick up in store (they won’t ship the set to your home) That way you are guaranteed to get a set if you wanted one.

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