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The 11 ‘Breaking Dawn’ Stills!

Here are the 11 Breaking Dawn Part 1 stills we previously posted that are in the current issues of People and Entertainment Weekly, but now in HQ!

OH!! You can see Caius!!  Better look at Alice!!  Carmen and Eleazar!!  What scene is that of Bella and Edward in the first one?   LOVE these!!  

199 days!!

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  • Kaileen

    i was thinking the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    EL304, let me try that again! The link I gave you was wrong. Here is the one you need:'s-re-read-eclipse-together-chapter-1/#comment-196628588

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, that didn’t work, either.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, that didn’t work, either.

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    its from the leaked photos =))

  • Ashley-roseberry

    First picture is probably when he comes back to tell Bella that they will “take care of it” (referring to the pragnancy). And she is shocked.

  • Nadeshy12

    i cant wait!!!!!
    i have read the books like times and i never get tired of them
    me and my cousin just loves these booksxD
    also emily130081 i love that part in the book!

  • Dewwwwwww

    I really want to see the scene at the airport after Bella and Edward return from Isle Esme. I was so upset that Stephenie Meyer didn’t put any more details about it in the book.

  • Victorious

    That’s what i was thinking as well…but she doesn’t have her wedding ring on….though you’re probably right :)

  • Williamdon_alexandria

    im so excited ;D

  • guest

     Alices hair!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa Mitchell

    Not at ALL how I pictured Carmen and Eleazer.

  • Alisha


  • Anonymous

    it was

  • Kari cullen

    estoy ansiosa por ver las peliculas ……… ven realmente buenisimas…

  • Kari cullen

    te amo robert pattinson………

  • Anonymous

    yeah it was, I want to know when in the trailer Demetri sends Gianna flying across the room! I can’t think of any reason for it! I think we might be in for some surprises in this movie

  • AlteredbyaVampire(ABV)

    The other fight looked like Edward throwing Jacob against the wall….they did say there were surprises and even the end confrontation is supposed to be different….I can’t wait to see Bella defeat the Volturi with her shield.

  • Anonymous

    yeah Edward has blood over his mouth so I that must be after the birth scene, either Edward angry over the imprinting (although I hope they leave the Bella kicking Jacobs ass on that one) or that Edward and Jacob argue over turning Bella.  Its exciting I can’t wait for longer trailer :o )

  • AlteredbyaVampire(ABV)

    Me too but I definitely don’t want to see the Wedding Dress!

  • Blubell24

    wrong hand?

  • Somaranairda

    That’s the best ideia ever! I want that to. I don’t care if I’m gonna loose my summer I just want tomorrow to be november 18!!!

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