Breaking Dawn Part 2 Tickets Breaking Dawn Cast React To The Twist Ending & Fan Interview with Kristen Stewart interviewed the Breaking Dawn Part 2 cast and director Bill Condon about the twist ending and answered some fun questions! Oh, I think I nearly lost it when I saw Esme during that scene. Then all the Cullens’ faces from horror to anger going after Aro. Still gives me chills.

Also, surprised a fan to interview Kristen Stewart at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 press conference. I was there! I thought her question was the best one at the press conference. I tried to look for me in the video, but you can’t see me.


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  • Laura

    OMG, i had the same reaction in the theater. When i saw Esme’s face, it broke my heart. The the other vampire’s faces were all shocked, I was bawling!

  • ryder

    Oh, I really liked that first video. I get so tired of listening to the interviewers act like giggling goobers when they ask some of the stupidest questions in the world, while flirting in their less than subtle ways with the guys. This time, however, we got to read the questions and only hear the actors answers. Fantastic! I think Michael Sheen is awesome. I fell in love with him in the Underworld series and he’s the only guy I’d turn werewolf for. He’s super sexy as a Lycan!! But, chilling as Aro! I see a huge award winning future for him.

  • Denise Roest

    micheal sheen; yeah i would like to see it with a audience anyway, I will go with my full aro outfit and scare people actually to death.. I was laughing the death. he is so awesome!

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