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Taylor Lautner’s New Ride!

20 Comments August 4, 2011 by Filed Under: Taylor Lautner

According to TMZ, Taylor Lautner purchased a 2012 SLS AMG Mercedes-Benz with gull-wing doors, worth more than $200,000!

Sweet ride!  Good for Taylor.

[Source: TMZ via USAToday. Thanks Kachiri!]

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  • ibiteheadboards

    Taylor. Are. You. Serious.
    Sweet Ride.. Wow.. Just wow! Can I borrow it, sometime.. ?? ;)

  • Samantha Martin

    all i can say is O M G

  • DangerMagnet

    Boys and their toys ;)

    The difference between men and boys. Is the price of their toys. ” — Unknown

  • IndiesR

    Spend that money Taylor!

  • Hannah Celli

    Um…yeah Taylor… wanna take me for a drive in that awesome ride of yours? Please and thank you!

  • Michelle S

    Taylor…Taylor…Taylor… you sure know how to spend that Twilight money all right, mind if i take a ride with you sometime?? Damn that car is dope!!!

  • michelekelly

    Geez, way to be green there tay-tay. Hate the environment much?

  • lilome

    Maybe Taylor is part Cullen! they love their fast cars, too.

  • Anonymous

    It reminds me of the car in Breaking Dawn even tho its a different make.

  • amanda_cullen ♥

    OMG! :O

  • jite4vanquish

    Just big enough for Jacob and Renesme.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yep, I can see Taylor with this car!! Can I have a ride…lol

  • Anonymous

    Yeah thats me Kachiri. I sent this news. That makes me so happy!

  • Ja

    Don’t like the car, but we can’t all like the same cars. At least I like the guy driving it. Good actor and seems like a great guy!  

  • JIMD-Trubies-LupinTonks


  • Mary Masen

    Idk but maybe after driving Edward’s Aston Martin in the movie he decided he wanted a really cool and fast car for himself. What’s next Bella’s Ferrari? Because before, it was Alice’s Porsche… lol

  • TwilightLocal

    When a car costs as much as the average house, it’s a bit ridiculous! That being said…. I’d still gladly take a ride. ;-)

  • Dramm

    well… he does not have only twilight money and that amount od money is like 1% of what he ownes ;)

  • Anonymous

    It’s Soundwave from Transformers 3.
    Sam – “Do you know how long it would take me to afford a car like that?”
    Carly – “A long time?”
    Sam – “Yeah, like 53 years…”

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