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Taylor Lautner Out To Lunch With Lily Collins

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Taylor Lautner was photographed leaving a restaurant after lunch with his Abduction costar Lily Collins on November 1oth in Los Angeles, California.

Taylor!  HOLY CROW!  HOTNESS!  I am loving the facial hair on Taylor!  I don’t feel so much like a cougar now.  LOL!

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  • I’m_with_the_Vampires♥Jenny♥

    OMG! They put a blanket over the window of their room! Woot Woot! Sexy tIme

  • Anonymous

    He still looks quite young to me. Not my type but he is handsome. I like his outfit too. and I like his co-star. She is so pretty. I dont mind Rumors between these two LOL but didnt buy or like tayswift one LOL

    BTW: To be honest I am glad that “Love Traingle” is OVER. So I can enjoy taycob more. and I am trying so hard not to think about Renesmee.

  • Charmed14sure

    he’s just lickable!..and the facial hair is such a turn on…yummmmmm!!!!

  • tim-tim

    the scruff make him looks manly now, without it he looks 16 forever.

  • Amazonasjunior

    jajajaja Oh Gosh you are so right!! I so agree with you

  • tpec1991

    LOL!! yeah he said it!! that he can’t wait to see him sleeping with a baby!!! hahhahha on twicon he mention it!

  • Jordyn-Team DJ Joyride

    Same here, same here!

  • Jordyn-Team DJ Joyride

    Yes, scruffy is niiiice.

  • TaysWifey2010

    Which actually isn’t all that little. ;)

    And I believe Jake has to be clean cut cos the excess of hair on wolves – anywhere- attributes to the hair in their coats. I believe Jake admitted to something of that effect. It’s also why we don’t see him with super hairy legs in the films. I kind of miss that. He does look hot any which way, but au naturale is so much better. ;D

  • IndieChic4U_TeamJJones

    MMMMMMMm Taylor! Damn, he is looking mighty fine with that scruff going on. He looks so manly, so mature and so…. just freakin yummy.

  • newborneyes

    yeah don´t feel like a cougar anymore welcome mister taylor!!!! hot as always nut so grownup!

  • newborneyes

    oh yes bg mistake not mentioning before I wonder how are they gonna explain it in the books you started acceping it since claire

  • newborneyes

    hot homeless person lol come to my home please!!!!!!!

  • newborneyes

    I loved the cookie monster one

  • Anonymous

    you’re welcome ;)

  • RoBstenLuvParisx3.CBfOrBD

    HOT !!!

  • taylorlover101

    there are not enough words for his HOTTNESS

  • eylin

    wow the eclips movie was awsome i like it

  • Svetlna

    Guys! Can you imagine how proud of Daniel and Deborah Lautner Taylor for his son! I have two daughters, a little younger than Taylor, but they do not have any interest! Of course it’s my fault, somewhere missing something. But God knows, I too would like to be proud of your children! Dear Daniel and Deborah, could you share the secrets of vaspitaniya? I have a son, -4 years, he may be able to please their parents?? Sincerely, Svetlana

  • Wolf Girl11

    He’s so hot!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! LOVE TAYLOR
    SEXY WOLF!!!!!!!!!

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    hehehehe me too. it fits him to a T. ;D

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    yes she is :D i think im developing a girl crush on her..?

    i read rumors that there were reshoots last week for abduction…maybe that’s it.

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    now 2 days!!!!!!!

    im going in the mid afternoon. no midnight for me,

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    i haven’t seen TMZ’s video but fans say rob reiner was just there and they happened to bump into each other? and was using taylor so the paps will back off him? not sure. or it could be they were talking about another movie for taylor but i read they did reshoots for abduction last week? so that sounds more likely.

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]


  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    i knew you’d mention that lol.

    yeah i know but taylor is a clean cut guy naturally and not a hairy guy really.

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    LOL stick to your man woman!

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    LOL stick to your man woman!

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    LOL stick to your man woman!

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    what rumors? that tay will start dating mackenzie? HELL NO they won’t. cos that’s just wrong.

  • Jordyn-Team DJ Joyride

    Psh I’m allowed to appreciate other men and their attractiveness! xD

  • Hitchy !7 Shades of Sunday!

    NO, I didn’t mean to imply that they would start runours about him dating a nine year old, because… that’s just wrong. What I meant to say is that the only thing they are likely to focus on is that Taylor’s character “falls in love” with a baby. It’s a completely ridiculous way of looking at it, but so many people snidely refer to the imprint like that already that I’m kind of dreading this for him. I love Nessie and the fact the Jake imprinted on her, I just know that the majority of people don’t/won’t see it that way. And poor Taylor (as the face of Jake) is going to be at the centre of all of that.

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    i totally agree with you. i fear the same. but i fear more for the hate little mackenzie is going to get in fact that is getting already from fans who don’t like the imprint. and i read a spoiler from the script of how their gonna handle that which im NOT happy about and i feel it will make it worse than better.

  • Hitchy !7 Shades of Sunday!

    What? Script spoilers already? I’ll be very upset if they mishandle the imprint. They need to be very careful with how they present it. He’s not romantically in love with her – at all. That would be impossible, she’s a baby for goodness sakes!

    The way I understood it, was that the moment he laid eyes on her she became his heart and soul. Everything that he was, is now tied to her. I have a daughter, and my happiness is directly related to how happy she is. Would it not be the same sort of thing? Yes, it might, and probably will change into something else when she’s older, but that’s only because he will be what she needs, NOT the other way around. People forget that the imprinting bond sort of negates what the wolf needs. Jake’s needs almost don’t exist anymore, it’s all about her. And she definitely does NOT need a love interest at this young age for goodness sakes. Jebus, what the heck are people thinking?!

    Sorry, I’m pretty passionate about this. I’m writing a J/N fic and spend a lot of time defending it to people… so I get my back up about this issue a lot!

    Sorry again for the rant. I think I need to go write, and read reviews from my lovely and faithful fic followers… they understand! ;-) Glad to know I’m not the only one around here who is team Renesmee!

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    trust me i’m pretty passionate about it too (read my team name next to my username.) i’ve been team renesmee since summer of last year when i first started reading J/N fics and when i realized how much hate she gets for simply existing! i worry about those kind of people because then how are they like in real life and when they are put in such a situation? not to mention i can relate to renesmee, having been an unwanted child myself. bella’s situation was kind of similar to my mother’s. not drastically so of course. actually worse from the family’s side but that’s another story.and i don’t have a daughter and have tried to explain to people who don’t have kids that its basically the same thing. but obviously their too-small-minds can’t grasp that concept. not to mention it happens in nature. babies imprint on their mothers, like ducks and they never stray from their side. wolves too. in fact, i learned months ago that a male/alpha wolf, once they find a mate they like, they’ll stick with them forever. sound familiar? i bet SM got the idea from that.i think nessie is an adorable, gifted child. not a monster or a “demon spawn.” even edward fans call her that. so essentially their insulting their “perfect” edward and calling him a demon. i have ideas for a J/N fic too and those are the only twilight fics i read. oooh, what’s yours called? i wanna check it out!

  • Hitchy !7 Shades of Sunday!

    LOL! Finally, someone who gets it! Thank the Twi-gods!

    I sometimes think that a lot of fans would not have been bothered by Nessie at all if Jake hadn’t of imprinted on her. Which, to me, is ridiculous. For so, so many reasons… but anyway, I digress!

    I know I can’t mention my fic name on here (it’s an NC-17 rated one) but if you look me up on some of the popluar fanfiction websites you’ll be able to find it. My Author’s name is Hitchy too. Or you could send me your e-mail address, I’d be happy to fill you in there. I’d love to get some recommends for J/N fics if you have them. I’m not biased, I read ALL twi-fanfic (except slash, because I just… can’t)

    Let me know…

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    yeah im one of the few jacob fans who gets it and actually likes it. so consider this a rarity.

    yes i totally think the same way. but its cos most put themselves in bella’s shoes. whereas i never did. whenever i read a book i don’t read it as me being the character. i know its fictional so i detach myself from it. although i feel like im there but as an outsider looking in. anyways, they think jake’s character and soul was molested and that it’s pedophilia so essentially their calling him a pedophile. idiots. and their jake fans!

    well i only care about jake and since im such a canon h00r and can’t see him with anyone else much less bella i only read J/N. i don’t like slash either. sadly i haven’t read that many good J/N fics because 1) the fandom for it is so small and 2) most aren’t good writers. but i have found a handful of GREAT ones that will knock your socks off and SO much better than anything SM has written or could ever write. their all under my favorites. i have an account on called YourOasis. i’ll PM you the links.

  • Hitchy !7 Shades of Sunday!

    I messaged you on ff’n… ;-)

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    so did i. :)

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    hmm…yeah i guess your right. just no touchy. Lol.

  • african princess

    Hott! Hott! Can’t wait to see Abduction!!

  • morgan

    taylor you should link me on fb so we can chit chat cause the last time….your word was ill fight for you until your heart stop beating and now your out with lily collins,sigh guess am jealous</3

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