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Stephenie Meyer Talks about the Dedicated Twilight Fans & ‘Breaking Dawn’ with Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson talked to author Stephenie Meyer at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere. Would Stephenie sleep outside in the street for the last movie of Twilight?

I want to see some of the risque signs! LOL!

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  • Mirandathevampgirl

    Dear Stephanie Meyer none of us would be here right now if it hadnt been for you. You have changed so many lives everywhere you dont even know. No matter what anyone thinks you are a briliant wonderful writer and a wonderful beautiful woman. Keep it up. and im sure you did the best that you could as a producer in breaking dawn which i am looking forward to see. Us fans will always be here to support you. Love you and thank you for changing my life. :)

  • Erinwinkle

    i loved it so much  WOW!!!

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