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Stephenie Meyer on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Stephenie Meyer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night!
As always, she looked gorgeous and it was great to see her!
Loving the red and black dress and very funny interview!
Stephenie living in a moat! Turning Twilight into James Bond…Bella with a gun! I think I like Twilight the way it is!

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  • 7browneyedpea

    FYI: the title is incorrect for this clip…it should be Jimmy Kimmel not Fallon…

  • Chicago Mary

    She looks fantastic. Either she has lost so much weight that her features have sharpened or she had her nose done. Her hair looks great – sort of just like Bella’s.

  • babyish


  • Mary Masen

    Stephenie looks amazing!! She’s lost a lot of weight, her hair looks fantastic and the Twilight glow is back – kinda like pregnant women during the final months of pregnancy – her last “baby” will be presented to the whole world next week and she just couldn’t be prouder! I always love her interviews! She’s so funny!. The publishing houses that had rejected “Forks” must have been pulling their own hair all this time, motherforkers are regretting it tons! lol Plus Bella with a gun, night vision goggles and speed boats? What were those studios thinking? That wouldn’t be an adaptation – but something totally new!
    And I laughed so hard when she said there constantly were “ahhhhh’s and shhhhh’s” in the theater last time! Stephenie Meyer Is Amazing! I wish her all the best! Thank You Stephenie For Creating The World Of Twilight<3

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