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Special Thank You Message From Director Bill Condon!

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Director Bill Condon released a special thank you message to the fans on Twilight Facebook!

On the flight now from Madrid to Berlin, I wanted to check in one last time, as you’re finally getting a look at what we’ve all been working on so intensely. It’s hard to believe that after our Berlin premiere tonight, my TWILIGHT journey will finally come to a close. It’s been almost three years since I first wrote to you. I’m very proud of what we’ve created together since then, and I hope that PART II fulfills your expectations for the grand finale to Stephenie’s sprawling saga. Fingers crossed that you’ve also managed to stay at least mostly spoiler-free, in order to enjoy the twists and parting gifts we have in store for you…
Thank you again for making me feel like a member of your fandom family online…for sleeping in The Line in San Diego in order to laugh with us in Hall H…for traveling great distances to join us in L.A. for last year’s Tent City and this year’s Fan Camp. Above all, thank you for trusting me with this universe you care so deeply about – we tried to match your intensity in our attention to every detail. That said, I don’t think I’ll ever live down the shame of being spied on by Twihard covens around the world on our very first night of shooting in Rio. Thanks to photos shot and instantly posted online of Bella and Edward on their honeymoon, we were called out in real time for missing a certain engagement ring… (Sorry — again!)
As with you all, what I’ll take with me from my time in Forks are so many great friendships – our massive cast of talented actors, and new creative partners such as Melissa Rosenberg, Guillermo Navarro and Phil Tippett. I hope to know them all for years and to work with them again soon, making movies yet to be dreamed up. At the L.A. premiere Monday night, Phil said we should make a “bloody, giant monster movie.” But is there room for a musical number?
See you at the theatre.

Twilight will always be your home!

Thank YOU Bill Condon!!  For making our beloved last book of the Twilight Saga come to life.   For the split second when we questioned everything while watching the end of Breaking Dawn Part 2, to praising and worshiping you in the next second!  LOL!  Genius!  For listening to the fans.  For being a fan yourself.  For everything!  We love you!!  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!

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  • mirandathevampgirl

    Dear Bill Condon,
    The ones who should really be thanking you is us. You have been giving the most challenging and difficult task which was helming the last two Twilight Saga films. We all knew that you had your work cut out for yourself but we have all stood aside and had your back all the way through, telling you what we wanted and how we think you should film them. You have been extremely gracious, engaging and kind to our fandom. We could not have asked for a more brilliant director than you. And we all appreciate the way you have been with our beloved cast treating them with nothing but the utmost respect and courtesy and endlessly praising about how talented they are which we all think that. And in the summer article of breaking dawn part 2 when you were talking about how much rob and Kristen have really put their hearts and souls into these characters and remind us that they are human just like us and to also give them the respect that they deserve as human beings really meant a lot to us. With that we owe you some thanks. And as for the movie it was everything that I ever dreamed of in fact it was better much better. And I love how you decided to put in the “Battle Scene” and make it feel as realistic and shocking as it was, and then add in the twist of it being a vision. It was genius. A very smart move, but I’m content that you still focused on the heartwarming, romantic aspects of the story especially with Edward and Bella and with Reneesme. (She was so cute and beautiful) . I wish I can say more but then it would take me the rest of the year to finish it up. To make a long story short thank you ever so much for taking care of the last twilight movies and making them as amazing and brilliant as they are. We will never forget this. And good luck with all of your other upcoming projects.
    Miranda thevampgirl

  • Kari

    Omg Bill Condon is truly amazing. He is the one that needs to be thanked for everything he has done for us fans. He listened and actually cared about what we had to say. He is a wonderful director and I wish him the best of luck in his future projects. I can’t believe this is the last movie, but it definitely feels complete and has fulfilled my expectations for the finale. Thank you Bill, thank you fellow twihards, thank you to our wonderful cast, and mostly thank you Stephenie Meyer. You guys are the best :)

  • Mary Masen

    Words can not explain how thankful I am for Bill Condon. He did an amazing job with both parts of Breaking Dawn and they exceeded my expectations. Breaking Dawn Part 2 was the most epic end to this fantastic story that I’ll love forever. I have seen the movie 6 times already and it never gets boring, all the excitement is there, just like the first time I watched it. That hasn’t happened to me before, even for the previous Twilight movies. Part 2 truly is The Epic Finale That Will Live Forever.
    So Thank You Bill Condon. For Everything ❤

  • cmb897_TeamTwilightCast

    I don’t think I could possibly express my immense gratitude to Bill Condon for making the last two movies so special an amazing! Nevertheless, THANK YOU SO MUCH BILL CONDON FOR MAKING TWILIGHT HOME FOREVER!!!!!!!

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Hey girls. I know that this post is all about us giving our utmost gratitude to Bill condon hard work on bringing breaking dawn to life. But theres something that I would like to confess. In fact I really would like to get it off my chest, and I think this
    is the only site that I can feel free to express it bc you have all been so
    good to me and have been really nice. I would like to confess that earlier this year before everything with Breakng Dawn started to hype up around the summer I want to say that I have developed a fondness toward the Hunger Games Franchise. I know some of you like it and some of you don’t. In fact I used to not care for it , I didn’t really want to have anything to do with it at first bc I didn’t think that I was ready to start liking something else. But once it got very big hype toward the very beginning of the year I couldn’t keep away, I could not just pretend that it doesn’t
    exist, there was something about it that became so hauntingly hypnotic and
    appealing. Before you know it I watched the first film and started t like it
    and then it just grew on me. I don’t know how but maybe a part of me was saying
    “Give it a chance. Whats the worst that could happen.” And so I did. Now I really like it. I’m even or I have begun to read the first book, (But for now I am taking a break) and now I am actually looking forward to the next upcoming sequels, it gives me something to look forward to besides seeing the other twilight casts movies, and my own life too but I think it’s great that this year I have chosen to develop a fondness to
    another series. However though I don’t want to call myself a fan yet I’m just
    getting my feet wet. Although even with that, it did not stop me from looking
    forward to breaking dawn part 2 in fact it actually helped making the wait a
    lot easier to deal with. But I promise you guys that I have NOT and will NOT for as long as I shall live ever ever stop being a Twilight fan. My heart still belongs to the Twilight world, as well as Harry Potter too, it’s just nice for me to open up and giving something else a chance for a change. Thats why i have been writing all these stories too. And that’s it. That’s all I want to say. I’m not expecting anyone to agree or respond I just wanted to express what I want to share. Thank you.
    And i’m ready for the dvd too, just so you know and to win one more time at the MTV Movie Awards.

  • katieginnc

    I really did not know he had it in him to make this finale fantastic. The saga will always have a special place in my heart & I really loved it when Alice looked at Edward at the end & saw that Reneseme would have a great life & that it included Jacob…wasn’t expecting to see that & just loved it. Will have to rely on the DVDs to get me through the fact that this was the end of the saga. Thanks to everyone for their views & all the updates through the past four yrs. NC Twifan.

  • D. Martin

    This man is just a class act. He is the only one of all the directors that really had a kinship with the fans regarding the story. We loved him and he loved us right back!

  • D. Martin

    All – I have a question. On twitter it was mentioned that in Bella’s memory there was only one show of what was in Eclipse and there was a reason for that. Does anyone know?

  • Monique/booksaddicted

    Thank you Bill for finishing this beautiful Saga, we had Catherine started it with love and having you ending with so much love and imagination was just wonderful.. Much appreciation from this fan… can’t wait to take it home on DVD. Still waiting to go another couple of times to see it on big screen.

  • EluvsRob

    Aww! It’s ok to like other stories! Although me personally I will never have the same passion for another story like I do for Twilight. But there are other amazing worlds to discover out there. Whether it be Panem or a mysterious world with Downworlders. Nothing can take the place of our beloved Twilight but we do have to move on at some point, and there are some pretty cool places to move on to =)

  • mirandathevampgirl

    And let’s not forget the magic of fanfiction where there r endless possibilities of creating such worlds

  • Tristan

    Bill Condon you have mad Breaking dawn come to life. The things that you did was so totally awesome. You have takeing the book and made it more then with it really is. You have done with other people could not do.You made Breaking dawn more than just then a book and a movie.You gave all you got in putt into the movies and thank you for tha YOU KILL IT!!!! I would love to see all kf the movies you.

  • Tristan

    Think with you said was so nice and yes Twilight is totally going to win ag the MTV Movie Awards.

  • Jodiod

    How did they keep that ending a secret!!!! Amazing!
    Very satisfying!

  • Nickyw82

    Miranda, I read A LOT of books (and I am in the process of actually plotting my own series of books as I love to write as well), and I must admit that there are a few series out there that I also really like a lot! We will always be loyal Twilight fans, and for many of us this is where our love for this genre truly began.. I love love love J.R Ward’s Black dagger brotherhood series, D.B Reynolds Vampires in America, Jeaniene Frost, Lara Adrian, Rebecca Zanetti.. all of them are fabulous authors and although these books are VERY ADULT compared to Twilight, they have really impressed me.. so, loving other books doesn’t mean that we have stopped caring for our beloved Twilight… Twilight will ALWAYS be the closest to my heart.. it got me through some really tough times and made me believe in true love again.. Also, it made me believe that if Stephenie could create this magical world, I should follow my heart and write those books I have always dreamed of writing! The possibilities are endless! Thank you to Bill Condon, how nice of him to send a message to all the fans.. which other directors would actually bother with the fans at all?? Goes to show, us Twihards have made a real impression on the world!! xx

  • Mary Pat

    How difficult it must have been for you to capture the true emotions generated by Stephenie’s books. Your beautiful work in BD1 and BD2 is reflected in your genuine love for the project, the cast and fans. Thank you so much for the beautiful end to our saga. Even the credits brought tears to my eyes.

  • twilight_girl

    Thank you Bill Condon. Thank you for puttng your heart and soul into these two last movies. I never expected, it to be so perfect and so true to the book. If anything it defenitly exceeded expectations. Thank you for loving twilight putting all you had into these movies and truly respecting us and our voices.You were the only director who could capture each moment from Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2 from Bella starting out as a newly wed and then giving birth to a beautiful child and then become a stunnung vampire. Thank you Bill. All our beloved characters you really added another dimension to each of them even if it was minor charcter like Alistair or J. Jenks you really did justice to the books. Not only do i thank you for being a great director but a great person. For sticking up for twilight and our lovely Kristen, Rob and Taylor when they were constantly critisised and spoke up for them.Only you would penn a note to us fans. We all know you’ll be in the movie industry for quite a long time and wish you well. I really wanted to say more but cannot find the words to. So thank you. Take care.

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