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Speak Like Kristen Stewart

52 Comments July 18, 2011 by Filed Under: Kristen Stewart

Check out this funny skit Speak Like Kristen Stewart!  I saw this the other day and didn’t know if I should post it or not. This actress nailed it.

Please know we LOVE Kristen here.

Thanks Casi for sending this to us!

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  • McVampy / KangaStew

    I AM SO BUYING THAT DVD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    le sigh. if only it were true….. does she have a blog? I want to learn from the best but I doubt Stewy will teach me :( this chick is the next best thing!

  • Jake Bellows123

    This was by far the best the best video I’ve seen in a long time. Kristen can’t act but if she took lessons from this actress she might learn something. Of course since she ia above it all she wouldn’t listen to advice from anyone. The funniest thing is she makes a better Kristen Stewart.

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