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Sneak Peek at ‘New Moon: The Graphic Novel Volume 1′ Available April 30, 2013

14 Comments March 24, 2013 by Filed Under: New Moon Graphic Novel Vol 1., Twilight

Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek at the New Moon: The Graphic Novel Volume 1 which is available for pre-order for the release date of April 30th!

Amazon pre-order $10.86

Walmart pre-order $10.85
Barnes & Noble $11.29

See more at EW!

Category: New Moon Graphic Novel Vol 1., Twilight

  • cmb897_TeamTwilightCast

    Looks pretty awesome!!

  • D. Martin

    Can’t wait for this! Have it pre-ordered to ship. I have the Twilight Vol I & II in hardback & also have these as apps on my iPad. I can even look at them at work if I need to escape. I hope this is offered in an app as well.

  • roxy1601

    Do you have to buy the app as well or does it come with a code to download the app for free?

  • Sjaantje

    Awesome! I was afraid they weren’t going to do the rest of the books now that everything has slowed down. I think the Twilight graphic novel was beautiful.

  • D. Martin

    If you want the complete book you have to buy it. But its worth it! They have a “lite” version which is free but you’re missing content.

  • leahreallyitis

    so now it is available April 30th I thought it was available April 23rd??? I will pre-order it that is for sure :)

  • leahreallyitis

    I agree the Twilight(Graphic) Novel was amazing it was good work and I loved it

  • leahreallyitis

    I will probably bawl my head off all over again LOL

  • Nikki A.

    Again, with the delay. First it was for last year in October. Then we had to wait for this year,which April is around the block. Sad we have to waite almost a whole full month,not to mention that the date…ONCE AGAIN!!! has been changed. I don’t understand why it’s taking this long to release. The first one didn’t take too much delay. I think these are awsome graphic novels and I can’t wait till this one comes out. But it’s a little ridiculous delaying these so much.

  • Overally_Obsessed_Twihard

    I got the twilight one for my birthday on the 22nd of March and i really cant wait to read the new moon one. Reading the graphic novels are like almost a new story. Its like the movie but so true to the actual book :) I love it

  • yellowalice

    It’s about time!! But…I know it will definately be worth it :)

  • leahreallyitis

    hey Nikki nice too meet ya so the date was changed? because according too the barnes and noble site it still says April 23rd I think what I will do is ask them when I pre-order it that is so stupid why would they change the date again yeah as a matter of fact I did go too the store and see if they had it then(in October and in the rain LOL) I ask a clerk if it is in stock and they said no it does not come out til April UGH! 2013 and I said your kidding again?! the guy/clerk just shrugged :-|

  • Edwardian Lady

    I agree :)

    But I wish they publish New Moon Collector’s Edition soon…

    I have Twilight vol 1. and 2. and only recently found out there is Collector’s Edition (vol 1 and 2 in the same book)…. I like it better that way…

  • D. Martin

    Someone here — like a YEAR ago — told me about a fanfic that was New Moon from Edward’s POV. Does anyone have a link to that?

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