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Kellan Lutz Working Out At A Beach In LA….Shirtless!

19 Comments August 4, 2011 by Filed Under: Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen) was spotted working out at a beach in Los Angeles on August 3rd….SHIRTLESS!  *fans self*

Good Lord, that body!

See all the photos at JustJaredJr! 

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  • IndiesR


  • Jaypat

    Lol!! Welcome! Welcome! We need to move near this beach Indies!!

  • IndiesR

    Yes we do! LOL

  • Anonymous

    @Jaypat- i just want to tell you how much i sincerely appreciate you!!! I desperately needed to see this!! Truly and sincerely I say, “God Bless you”!!!!!!! this man a is a piece of art that i would like to study and appreciate, hands on!!! LOL

  • IndiesR

    Amen!!!!!!  :)

  • Dramm

    I am scared of him 

  • Penumbragirlie

    He seems to be trying to draw attention to himself. I read he rings the paps and tells them where he is just like Ashley greene.

  • Jaypat

    Nothing like starting the day with a shirtless Kellan!

    And you’re very welcome!

  • Amber

    OH that looks like Venice Beach!!!!! I have to go hang out there!!!!!! How come when I was younger the boys never looked like that! ** scratches head **

  • Anonymous

    1st of all-where is the WARNING sign on this post-may cause heart failure!

    2nd-I think these pics killed half of the female(and maybe some male) population…LOL!!!

    H O T!!!!!!!

  • Twilight & Shooting Stars **

    I would xx BAGSEY xxx He is extremely hot xxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Mary Masen

    Kellan!! You know eventually someone is gonna get hurt if you keep running in the streets like that… and you’re near the sea so there will probable be some drownings too. Please tweet about it beforehand, so that we can “prevent” more accidents like these from happening in the near future. Sincerely, Huge Fan

  • QueenAnnie-team..theotherJacob

     oh mercy!  I had to sit down, standing and staring at that made me lightheaded.

  • DazzledForever

    HEART ATTACK! HEART ATTACK! wow looking that good should be illegal!

  • MarryMeRobert ~Lumberjackward~

    It’s like he’s photoshopped!

  • Cyn

    Eww. I want to like this, but the horizontal chest veins are ruining it for me.

  • Chantal ♥

    Sorry, couldn’t hear y’all, was busy having sex with this photo.

    Or how Niki would say it: Having sh*t.

  • kerbear585

    if i were to be driving and saw this i would probably crash my car!

  • HHIMC<<3RG/MW<3BlueValentine<3

    Aww! LOL  Rob’s Volterra butt crack from going commando! Too funny!!

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