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Screen shots of the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Teaser Trailer!

Here are screen caps of the first full Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer!  Check out all the Cullens and Covens at the stand off with the Volturi, and Bella!  Wow!   Some scenes we can figure out from the book, but some are not so much.  What are your thoughts?

Let’s discuss!

All the screen shots under the break!

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  • 5ctBauble

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so many scenes squeezed into an epic trailer!! so many to frames to dissect!!

  • Kelly

    Amazing. I love it. Bill really did a GREAT job. He deserves more credit than he gets.

  • 5ctBauble

    ok jaypat lets do this!!!!
    1. when Bella meets up with Jake again, love how they dressed her down…less of  shock for jake
    2. Bella going to meet Jenks! Isn’t she meant to be on an oyster, satin dress?? but she still looks smokin hot
    3. Carlisle and Esme going to meet the egyptians!! and benjamin water airbending LOL
    4.Edward flying to alaska to meet the cousin….queue Volvo plug in ;)
    5. Is that Jane killing an immortal child?
    6. and the Bella-charging in the battle must be Alice’s vision right???

  • Kelly

    I am not jaypat but:

    1. Agreed, totally her style.
    2. You are right but this suits the movie better, I guess. She’s going for a casual visit and doesn’t let him expect anything. I would have loved to see her in the dress though!
    3. Waterbending LOL
    4. Meet what cousin? He’s picking up the Denali’s to show Renesme to them and Carlisle and Esmé were supposed to do that :(
    5. Yes, I think it is. I think it’s one of the Cullens their flashbacks.
    6. I thought the same thing! Because they’re not going to battle, right? Or are they? EEP!

  • 5ctBauble

    oh no no…i just meant he was going up to meet up with the cousins

  • Melyku

    damn I need to start reading BD again. It’s been like 4 years since I last read it. haha I’ve forgotten some of the vampires from other covens. Especially Benjamin aka Waterbender. lol
    as for the pics the fighting scene with the volturi was definitely not in the book (as much as i wish SM would have included it) but it made the movie more exciting! *sigh* I wonder if its possible to sleep for 5 months straight?? haha stupid I know. dang I need to get a life after twilight ends.

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    1. Yes!! I live it. She’ll always be Bella! Oh I hope they keep the scene where she goes after Jake for imprinting and calling her Nessie
    2. Yes Jenks!
    3. When I saw that I thought Huh? Lol! Then oh yeah Benjamin!
    4. The only thing was Garrett already in Alaska? I thought he met them at the Cullen’s. Or maybe that scene was at the stand off.
    5. Omg!! Chills!!
    I can’t believe Jane kills the immortal child!
    6. Go get ‘em Bella!!

  • mirandathevampgirl

    I’m gonna start to reread the third act sometime the summer

  • Requiescat in Pace

    The one of Bella running. Jesus Christ she looks pissed and sexy as hell!

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Totally random but when I saw swath twice and every time I would see snow white confronting the queen in her shining armor first thing I thought was “this is gonna be a foreshadow for vampire bella in bd2″ what do u think

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Go slowly so u can savor every bit

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Vampire bella u r a sheer goddess joan of arc and mighty lioness all rolled into one.

  • mirandathevampgirl

    He does

  • Requiescat in Pace

    And hello Garrett! He looks beaut. Edward does as always. Daddy C looks beaut. And hey I just thought! I was looking forward to Bella having to put on Edwards shirt after hunting because it ripped so he was topless. Damn!

  • Lill

    Bella looks sooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
    Am I the only one who still thinks they should of shown a little bit more of Nessie.

  • Marianne

    I think the fight scene is Alice’s vision. One she had before she and Jasper took
    off. WHat she saw when she dropped the vase.  That’s why they left,  to help prevent what she saw.
    I believe that was mentioned by BC a long time ago.

  • Akinner7

    another screenshot

  • Mirandathevampgirl

    Ok ok in case I forget I think I would love to present a bit of a happy birthday note to one special vampire
          Dear Edward Anthony Mason Cullen,
    Today is a day that we die hard Twilight fans all over the world honor and embrace a very, very special man I mean fictional being who has become such a huge part of our lives over the past several years. The reason why you are so dear to our hearts is because you represent a rare specimen of a man with old-fashioned, traditional values on how a man should treat a woman with respect, dignity, grace, and more importantly learning to abstain from sex before marriage. Today in our modern society many people have forgotten to be faithful to one another, in the simplest ways. Infidelity, deceit, and classless behavior have become such a frequent element in the majority of relationships today that we often wonder if there is anybody out there that is the exact opposite. Someone who is true blue, loyal, and kind all around. That is you darling. You are a gifted angel from God. But the real credit should go to Stephanie Meyer who envisioned you in a dream and then developed your character in a book called “Twilight”. But here is something else that you may not know. Believe it or not I have always considered you as a dear friend in my heart because well whenever I am sad, or upset or even scares I always feel that you are with me, holding me and telling me that “Everything will be all right” . Whenever I am in a good mood I always feel your prescience smiling down upon me. Whenever I feel nervous about doing something really important I can hear you saying to me, “You can do this Miranda. You can do this. Don’t be afraid. You’re smart.” And in a very odd way you kind of inspired me to listen to many different types of music including old music because that is what makes you tick. Not to mention the fact that you play the piano so beautifully. No shame. But in all seriousness you are a wonderful man. You are the most beautiful character in the history of fiction. You always stay true to yourself and stand on your own two feet. You will always be a part of my life there will never be any other character in history to match up to your caliber. No. And I am absolutely excited for you to be a daddy in Breaking Dawn Part 2 with your precious little princess Reneesme (Make sure Jacob doesn’t dominate too much of her time away from you.) Not to mention a hot husband for your hot vampire wife Bella. J  I love you my dear friend, and Happy Birthday.

  • Liza

    yeah the fight with the volturi HAS to be alice’s vision, right? I was a little bit shocked because i think changing the whole story again (like adding the fight in bd1 for action) would have disappointed me since in the book, there’s no fighting. only talking, am i right?
    looks awesome though… 

  • Titi

    no, i think its a real fight, SM told  they had to change that part to make the movie more dinamic….but obviosly the bella with her power will be there to save the day

  • Titi

    like in BD part 1 with the cullens vs/wolfs scene or like in new moon when edward fight with the volturis

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    1. Bella is the sh*t!

    2. The scene were Bella is in the forest stepping into the sun reminds me of Twilight xD

    3. I still say Aro is really weird looking lol!

    4. Edward is rediculously gorgeous!

     5.Garrett looks freaken awesome (the other vamps look awesome too, he just stood out in the stills)!

    6. Even though we rarely see her, Renesmee is adorable!

    7.Bella makes such a great mother and vampire, so basically SHE’S THE SH*T!!!!!!

  • Lill

    Yes ,it’s going to be Alice vision that shows us what would have happened if the Volturi continued the path of killing Nessie.

  • life00

    The actual trailer is up… 

  • Kim

    I actually don’t think that’s the scene where Bella meets Jacob after She’s become a vampire, it looks like it’s been edited that way but if you look they both have the Cullen house in the background and not to mention she’s in exactly the same clothes as she is in the still from EW and Renesmee is fully grown there. I think she’ll still be in her blue dress and hopefully Edwards shirt ;-)

  • Marquise


  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    Yes, we posted it previously.

  • kerbear585

    It all looks perfect! They gave us the perfect amount of stuff to see for a teaser trailer. Bella looks amazing and beautiful as a vampire! I am so pumped and obsessed all over again. I can’t wait to see a full length trailer of line 2+ mins :)

  • klayrahx7

    every scene was so AMAZING! i love the scene with benjamine omg its going to be the best yet! there are so many scenes that are just omg! i think i said omg like 30 times while watching it! its just perfect!

  • Martha

    I think that the Trailer is EPIC.   I hope that the tear jerker is in the movie, (when Bella tells Renessme that it is time and she admits to Edward that she had to keep her plans for their child from Aro…  Then all of the Vampires say their good byes to each other before they prepare to fight the Volturi.      I am excited and wish that Lion’s Gate and Summit would release the movie before November 16th though….    Love the Twilight Saga!  The Epic Romance of this century.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Mirandathevampiregirl, you said that so beautifully. That how the fans feel about our fav man/vampire. WoW Edward Cullen!

  • Erika

    I seriously hope that’s included, too.

  • Malibu

    edward…oh edward…

  • Rachel Ratabua

    I love it. And I especially love how strong Bella seems to be now, not just physically. This is where she really comes into her own and I can’t wait to see it. All those critics that complained about Bella being weak and having to be rescued all the time EAT DUST!!!! Obviously we only see snippets of her but I can already tell she’s gonna be kick ass. So excited.

  • Perola34

    Alice can’t see the wolves, so I don’t think it’s a vision…

  • Jb8_girl

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the nth!!!

  • Mary_Pat

    Bella has alway, always been the bravest of the brave.  In Twilight she went to the  Ballet Studio to save her mother,  in New Moon she went to the Voltura to save Edward, in Eclipse she cut herself to distract Riley and Victoria (however that isn’t how it was in the book), in BD1 she sacrificed herself for her unborn child.  The only difference in Bella now is……

  • Kathy T.

    Just as the fight scene between Edward and Felix was not in the book in New Moon,  the fight scene with the Volturi never happens in Breaking Dawn.  I hope they completely and I mean completely rewrite the ending of Breaking Dawn for this movie!   I hated the ending in the book!  To me, I felt like Stephenie Meyer was in a hurry to meet her deadline and just wrote the ending really fast!  In fact, some of it felt like she didn’t even write it.  Sorry to all you mega fans of that  book ( and I did absolutely love the other 3) but that book was a huge disappointment.  It was the one Twilight book that I actually thought the movie was better than the book.

  • Lill

    It’s a vision… trust me.

  • da

    Does anyone know what happens to Felix in the last fight scene in breaking dawn 2. We know who out of the wolf pack and the cullens and the volturi are taken down but Felix was in the last 3 movies and they don’t address him to the conclusion. After he was in front of jasper when they took Alice, he disappeared.

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