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Robert Pattinson Shopping in NYC

10 Comments March 3, 2012 by Filed Under: Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson was spotted out shopping in New York City on March 1st!

[Source: Pattinsonlife]

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  • TwiKat

    They are very good at sneaking throughout the country! Would have been nice if he snuck out to the city of love w Kristen but glad he’s in my neck of the woods! Oh where oh where can he be? Checking out mama Cullen at her Broadway show? Doubt it but would b nice! I heard after I let Kellan know where it was, he headed there after taping Jimmy Falon. Enjoy NYC!!!!

  • EdwardsNana

    Hope this means that Robert is able to get around NYC a little without a swarm of people following him.  He really deserves some down time. 

  • K2☼__Ami♥BD2♀Csmpls♠

    I love the look they caught him in ;) Hi Rob! *waves* Awesome to see you!!!

  • MegO

    He’s wearing far too much clothing for my liking…. lol. 

  • D. Martin

    Hmm…wonder what he bought?   I read he just dropped 4 million for a new home in California.  

  • winndsinger

    He’s shopping for some new hair….LOL…just kidding, I love you Spunk Ransom!!!

  • Nena

    I saw Elizabeth Reaser in NYC I was havimg dinner at Candle 79 and long and behold who sits in the table nex to me? Esme Cullen!!! She was having a great time and seemed very comfortable that nobody was bothering her, she was just a regular patron there so I kind of just looked her way a few times, didnt want to bother her! It was still awesome to see her in real life!!

  • kerbear585

    man i miss that face :)

  • amy

    totally agree with him deserving the down time :)

  • fabby_fezulous[04/09]

    this man just keeps getting sexier every time a see a new picture of him…

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