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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Accepting Best Kiss At The MTV Movie Awards!

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Here’s the video of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart accepting the Best Kiss award at the MTV Movie Awards!

ROTFL!  ”I want to take you back stage!”


[Source: MTV]


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  • twihardtothecore

    She totally said “go get him honey”!!!! really!! i heard it! wow

  • Anonymous

    Did the Kristen and Rob ever kiss during the awards? For some reason i thought i seen a kiss between the two but it could have been my mind playing tricks…. does anyone know or am i making this up

  • team E unless J is shirtless:)

    Does Kristen say “go get him honey”?  So damn cute!! 

  • HmR <3 flying ninja Rob

    wow.. the things a different camera angle can reveal…

  • kerbear585

    “go get him honey”…you can totally tell she slipped there cuz after she said “honey” she was like ummm, lol.
    “this is mine…ah hugh”
    “what? i wanna take you backtage” …that was hot! 

    so glad they are finally coming out with it!

  • ScienceGeek91

    Heyy, can I ask you from where you got the picture in your avi?

  • Anonymous

    Can someone post a video that you can watch in the UK?

  • Anonymous

    LMAO I watched the awards with my dad and brothers, and my 50 year old dad laughed harder than me when Rob went over and kissed Taylor, lol . My dad was thought it was hilarious that Rob was like totally drunk XD

  • stewyISqueen♥ (Mmm yummy!)

    HOLY SH*T!! He actually did kiss him that’s amazing I was wondering that the whole night! Rob is just epic and even more awesome after last night.

    “I want to take you backstage,” well I’m sure you do Rob…;)

  • Anonymous

    i never thought. . . i’d be jealous of taylor lautner.

  • bella ♥ vita

    From me! LOL! Its adorable isn’t it? I emailed it to her back when all of the pics were leaked from Breaking Dawn back in March and I got it from a girl who had managed to save all of the leaked pics including a ton of super rare ones most people never saw like the wedding dress and emailed me them all to me. There were almost 100 of them and some of the other girls on here had missed out on seeing them before Scummit had them all taken down so I emailed the pics to them.

  • iSparkleToo

    This was hilarious :D
    But Taylor, you really need to stop letting Kristen use you as a decoy… :L

  • edwardandrob lover

    your talking about after they won best movie right? i couldn’t believe it when i saw it

  • edwardandrob lover

    i don’t know why people are so disappionted. i mean we should know how they are by now with their relationship. i never thought they would kiss or even walk the red carpet together(unless taylor was with them). besides i think it’s time we realize that they want to keeo.p their relationship private

  • iSparkleToo

    Dear woman sitting next to Taylor: YOU. HAD. ROB’S. CROTCH. IN. YOUR. FACE.

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    its from the leaked photos =)))

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    LOL!!!1 I KNOW!!!! You have no idea how grateful i was!!! alot of people have asked me for it though!! you gave me a lot that nobody else had!! *muah*!! you are the best!! i LOVE MY AVI!!

  • Anonymous

    this new angle has literally made this kiss even sexier….and i didn’t think that was possible….*i’ve died and gone to roblor heaven* look at the gentle caress/rugged pull of rob’s hand on taylor’s neck….i can only look at it in 5 second increments….any longer and my irises would melt out of my head

  • Oasis formerly known as Nutty

    we officially have a threesome. she’s kissed him, he’s kissed her, she’s kissed taylor and taylor has kissed her, and now rob and taylor kissed each other.

  • ibiteheadboards

    I know I should comment on the kiss.. but I just cant get over how BIG Robs hands are !!  lol *giggles*

  • M Bilalis

    I really loved how Robsten were at the awards.All the hand-holding and the hugs…awww,they were cute…
    But hearing about them fighting was kind of a bummer…. :(

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