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Robert Pattinson at L. A. Dance Project Dinner

24 Comments September 23, 2012 by Filed Under: Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson looked handsome as ever wearing Gucci at LA Dance Project dinner. Rob posed with Dita Von Teese and Natalie Portman.

Rob always looks good in Gucci.  Love Dita’s dress!

See all the photos at RPLife!

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  • draxonsgirl

    OMG I’m never first – it pays to be a stalker!! The Patz is looking fee…ine don’t you know. And so are the ladies. The twilight sex hair is making a come back as well yummo!!

  • Mary Masen

    2008 hair is back!! OH YEAH!

  • Lux

    I don’t know so much about this project, but I guess it’s a good opportunity to support art.

    Robert looks so good; Gucci suits him so well. But he always looks good in a black suit, in all shades of blue suits, in a red suit, in a gray suit, even in a brown suit. I wonder what we will see in the BD2 premiere!!

  • Amber Eyes

    I love Dita’s style. Her, hair make up, accessories, & clothes are always fantastic. Very retro 40′s early 50′s look. And Rob……well you know it goes without saying, but I will….HOT!

  • sam

    i thought that went i first saw him too.

  • sam

    i usually like her… but i’m not loving the dress, the chest area kind of bothers me a little.

  • Lill

    Robert looks handsome as always he can not go wrong with Gucci .
    I wonder if he is going to any after party’s for the Emmys .

  • cullenclan4lf

    Rob would look good dressed as a clown he looks hot in anything n as for him n k-stew we all make mistakes but what truely matters is that there is still true love between them n if they are happy together thats all that matters. They give me a reason to belive in true love soulmates. Thank you rob-sten i love you both

  • edithia

    is that true that he is also with kristen that night?

  • Lill

    There were two sightings but one of them was trolling and the other one sounded kind of legit .
    She stated that she had a girl converstaion with Kristen at the women’s bathroom .
    But who knows to tell you the truth she could have been there or probably not .

  • Kelly

    He doesn’t look so happy ;(

  • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

    I know I shouldn’t believe what the tabloids say but this really just CAUGHT my attention more than anything else. There are rumors that Rob wants to marry Kris. This is kinda outrageous claim to make but… I don’t know. I haven’t clicked on any articles or read anything but when I researched [googled] Rob’s name that was the first thing that popped up.

    What do you guys think?

  • run_with vamps

    Hey guys
    I’m not sure if you’ve seen these pics from People magazine, but here’s the link:

  • D. Martin

    Agreed. One person tweeted that she was there and then backtracked as she mistook her for Natalie Portman. So…who knows?

  • D. Martin

    IDK — I think it’s just rumor at this point. It was posted by The Daily Sun and that’s a tabloid so…

    An Erik Arroyo tweeted that he saw Kristen in his building on Friday. He works for MTV but the Summit offices are also there and she was there for a meeting. He stated Rob had a meeting with them LAST week. All of the reconciliation rumors could be just that — rumors. They could be having meetings just to discuss promos.

    Then again, one girl got slammed because she saw Rob riding in a car next to her on her way to work. When asked about it she stated he was not driving. She said the “main girl from Twilight — Kristen Stewart”. When they asked what they were driving she claimed a white SUV. Someone sent her a pic of the first pictures of Kristen after the scandal. The one of her getting into a white SUV. She said yes, that was the same one.

    So reconciling? Not? Who knows? I think all we can safely say is they are talking. It has been stated that Rob’s team – NIck – is carefully controlling what is being given to the tabloids & press — especially GC — but that’s just conjecture at this point.

  • Lill

    I do not believe it .
    But I do believe there is a reconciliation going on ,all that talk about having seperated meetings defining if their together or not is nonsense to me .
    They don’t always have to be hip to the bone together they never were before the scandal and I don’t think they will start now .
    It was funny the girl who tweeted about spoting rob and Kristen driving right beside her was picked up by the media like a storm she was even contacted by E! LOL!!!!!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I don’t believe that at all. Rob probably did want to marry at some point before all this happened. But we don’t even know if their talking, much less talking marriage. I just hope they can take care of their personal lives in private, without contant interference from the media.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I saw the tweet from one girl saying she was driving by and saw them and posted a pic, saying they were behind a tree. I think that was bull, the pic she posted no one was there.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    If Kristen had been there, I’m sure there would have been pics of that. Many of the guest were taking pic, thats how we got pics of Rob, I assume.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    He doesn’t look that happy on the pics where he is posing on the red carpet, but I never got the impression from Rob that these kind of events were his thing. He’s being a good guy and supporting the arts.

  • Lill

    I have a feeling that they are talking .
    It’s a gut extinct and usually when I get a gut extinct I’m right.
    Plus there has been a lot reports reported by reliable people . So I’m going to believe that they are speaking to each other again , for now.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I hope they are at least speaking, I don’t know about anything else. I don’t just any tabloid rumors and I doubt their friends are talking to the press about it.

  • Lill

    Oh honey , I’m so sure that one of their friends talk to the media.
    I have no doubt about that , that’s how you have to play it in Hollywood . You can never trust anyone because they will sell your most inner secrets just to try to make a quick buck.
    But what I dislike is that we are back in 09, are they together or are they not ? For now on they have to keep their status on the down low because of the media and the Diehard Robsessed fans . ‘Le sigh’

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I would hope their close friends, wouldn’t sell them out.

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