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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack is not available for pre-order on iTunes! The release date is November 13th!

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  • Danielle Marie

    This Sounds So Haunting and Beautiful Exactly The Way It Should Sound I Cant Believe its Almost Over Such A Bittersweet Feeling For Me Im Ready With A Box Of Tissues LOL

  • ElianaNoelle

    Right there with you!

  • Marisa

    Loving it but still hoping we get a deluxe edition again with one or two more songs

  • Amber Eyes

    Like Greenday & The Boom Circuits. Don’t know why A Thousand Years is on there again, but I love that song so I don’t mind. And no Muse? How could they leave out the signature band of this franchise?

  • heather

    This album is the first lacking its core which is alt rock such a shame since it is the last album would have loved to see some muse or gotye

  • EleazarTheVampire

    OMG so awesome! especially the song by passion pit!

  • Kristen Nicole Phillips

    Good but not “The Epic Soundtrack That Will Last Forever.”

  • newborneyes

    you are so right how could they leave muse out being stephenie´s fav band and there was always a song from them in every previos movie except BD1

  • twilight_girl

    I have to say the soundtrack is amazing.Heart of stone, is like magical or somethinga nd Ellie Goulding’s song is amnmazing. It’s epic. I can totally see how theses ong will fit in the movie. Can’t wait to get my copy.

  • Lux

    I could hear it and I really enjoyed it. I think it will be great in the movie. What I liked more were Passion Pit, Feist, St Vincent, IKO and POP ETC I also like the sound … I wonder which is the BD2′s official song.

  • ria

    Have u listened a thousand years………….

  • Darci

    Just saw this movie and I have mixed feelings…happy because I was very happy with the film (even though I went in kind of nervous as I wasn’t thrilled with part 1) but sad because it’s over. They sure went out on top, with the best action scenes, the best pacing, and the icing on the cake was that this was the best out of the many great Twilight soundtracks, even better than New Moon, which had what I thought was an unbeatable lineup of bands like Sea Wolf, Deathcab and Muse.

    Breaking Dawn Part 2′s music lives up to and exceeds the reputation of the soundtracks before it. “Everything and Nothing” by The Boom Circuits and “The Antidote” by St. Vincent were my favorites, but I liked every song I heard.

    With how hurting Hollywood is for new movie ideas, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another remake of this series in less than a decade – look at how quickly they decided to make another Spiderman! – but no matter what, I don’t think they’ll ever top this original series and I’m glad it went out in style.

  • bbgirl

    Will there be a deluxe edition??? Has anyone heard anything???

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