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Popsugar’s ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Trailer Review

Popsugar’s editors share their review of the Breaking Dawn Part 1 teaser trailer!

How many times have you watched the trailer?   I CAN’T stop watching it.  It’s like I have to have a fix of the trailer.

OK, it’s been 3o mins since I watched the trailer.  *press play*

Thanks Kat at Popsugar!

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  • TeamEC1918

    I’ve been good! I dont think I’ve watched it more than 10 times ;)

  • Carrie

    loved it

  • Anonymous


  • MirandaThewolfgirl2010

    Only 3 times so that i dont get too spoiled

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    Is it weird that I love Rob’s voice that much more when he yells?…Hmmm.. Maybe more gutter-ish then weird heh-heh-heh!

  • Cecilia

    15 times :)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve watched it about 30 times, each time I saw something I missed. 

  • I<3Headboards

    Ive watch it betweem 20 to 30 times lol

  • Anonymous

    “You have given me no CHOICE” 
    I just love that intense emotion coming from Edward.

  • newborneyes

    30 mins that´s record I think I have 30 mins in the internet and watched it more than 5 times betweent post and coments lol

  • newborneyes

    I always feel that too I have to watch it again to make sure I heard and see everything

  • newborneyes

    sexy anger that´s wha it is

  • newborneyes

    I admire your selfcontrol girl!

  • MinnieMar

    To be honest… when i read the book few months ago.. the 2 scenes that really were hard to me to complete reading… the birth scene… and another one in BD part2 when Bella gave the bag to renesmee and tell her she’ll go with jake and says goodbye for her b4 the battle with the Volturi begens.
    they r really so emotional full of sadness and dark moments scenes, i remember when i read them i went in really so hard and sad mood for days.
    So, i was waiting for trailer to show me few sec of the birth scene, to c if i’ll feel the same i felt with the book or not!!…. and OMG, i found it more better than it was in my head…!!! Bill C. the director is a great one… he touched the soul of the book and really did a great job.

    Kstew, Rob and Tay and the rest of the cast really r amazing, most of BD is about Bella… so Kristen has the bigger space of the two parts of BD, trailer shows that she did a magnificent job.. she really deserves Oscar imo

    thx guys for inspiring all of us :) )
    Great job to all

  • “MY LOVE”-Rob/Edward~TeamV/W

    As i’m not going to watch tv spots of the movie, I’ll watch this trailer as much as possible. But I loved it very very much!!! I always replay several times in the part where Eddie yells and when he touches Bella’s belly.
    One thing I noticed just randomly. The way Rob says “You have given me no choice!” and ” Get out of house!” (BA), both sound so different in each movie, even his voice is not the same!

  • rHiz_patzz – ♥ dirty Robowski

    and angryedward, gosh! how i miss him!

  • rHiz_patzz – ♥ dirty Robowski

    THAT. and jacob saying “If You Kill Her You Kill Me”
    oh such emotion! 
    *ovaries exploding*

  • MirandaThewolfgirl2010

    Ay so angry go have some tea

  • mirandaThewolfgirl2010

    Its all part of the old good things come to those who wait notion

  • K.A.B

    I can’t wait for this movie to come out. It is going to be so emotional. I think the part you are talking about will be at the end after Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee.

  • GoMaTo

    I think Jacob tell this about Bella, in book he loved her and protected her in front of wolfpack
    don’t You remember?…

  • Kim

    Pretty sure it’s about Renesmee, the fight is going on while she gives birth. Then bam Jacob imprints and then tells the pack, it makes sense plus you can see blood on Edwards clothes in the background.

  • kim

    Also i don’t think there was a moment in the book where he defended Bella against the wolf pack? He split from them but they never got into a fight, it makes perfect sense for that line to be about Renesmee as she is his imprintee and therefore if you killed her, Jacob would not be able to live without her so they would esentially kill Jacob. It is mentioned in the book that no wolf pack member would ever attack someones imprintee as they would never be able to recover from the pain.

  • TeresaCullen

    Honestly… about 30 times now, but I kinda lost count :D
    I mean, that is THE BEST trailer I’ve ever seen. I’m completely obsessed with it.
    That part when Edward yells at Bella is just so intense it gives me goosebumps every time!
    And the part when Jacob is saying goodbye to Bella and they’re both crying… man, just breaks my heart! That and the part when they show Charlie crying too!
    BFD! Can’t even handle myself right now!
    Anyone know the feeling? Or is it just me?

  • Bab13

    i cant wait i’m ready to jump out of my skin

  • Anonymous

    I am in no way Team Jacob, but I have to say this I was really moved by him in this trailer–that dance with Bella “I’ll remember you like this pink cheeks, heart beat” —and when he is crying –I guess when Edward asks him for his “permission” to turn Bella into a vampire–damn that was touching l.  Charlie and Bella’s moment -”Don’t let me fall”, “never” and then him crying later in the trailer…that is just so moving…I was bawling like a baby.  Guys along with the 02, remember the kleenex and water proof mascara.

  • I<3Headboards

    I notice everyone is taking about the sences ands yes im am very happy with all that but i just want to say the CGI wolves look amazing – u can see in a way what they are thinking – and I Am so happy with the way the showed how the cullens are running – I feel like in Eclipse it was good but mayby at times it was way to much CGI and with this it looked effortless – Im soo happy with the effects so far

  • I<3Headboards

    Yes totally – I cant wait to see this side of Edward!!

  • GMD

    I thought this trailer wasn’t very good. I think the movie looks bad from it. The whole time I was watching it I couldn’t take it seriously. At some parts I was laughing, it was just so rediculous to me, especially at the very end. I don’t think Mr. Lautner’s acting is good, or Mr. Pattinson’s acting either. Their lines are very cheesy in my opinion. Also, the trailer gives too much away. I just saw the whole film in that trailer. which is a common mistake for a lot of trailers. And people just get so excited that they don’t realize that they just saw the whole thing, that all of the best shots are in the trailer, and it’s not going to get any better than that. And that’s a sucky realization.
    One more thing… A WAR? Between the Cullens and the Wolf Pack? Are you kidding me? This didn’t happen in the book. Gosh, I hate it when crap like this is pulled, when they add in things that didn’t even take place in the original material in order to make more people watch it. This is such a cash grab. And it pisses me off.

  • HHIMC<<3RG/MW<3BlueValentine<3

    i gotta add that the fight b/w cullens and wolf pack could be an Alice vision. (Doubtful, tho.Im really  grabbing on this one). But anyways, they def. pulled that one outta their a$$es, u r right!!  lol

    And i love how u say “Mr. Lautner” and “Mr. Pattinson”. It’s formal :)

  • HHIMC<<3RG/MW<3BlueValentine<3

    check out this gif
    i see a girl’s long brown hair quickly swing in front of the wolf’s teeth before jasper restrains the wolf. wth is going on?

  • Anonymous

    As per the screenwriter MR–there was a lot of conflict with the wolves that was resolved with conversation –she was able to add a visual to it?! We never are told what happened when Jacob told Sam about Renesmee in the book I guess is what she means.

  • newborneyes

    all the ones you pointed really touching moments I will cry so much in this movie! Kleenex numbers are gona go high on november LOL 

  • Anonymous

    Nothing hotter than angry Robward!…..but when he says last night was the best night of my existence ….damn if that wasn’t hot too! Some people have posted that his lines were cheesy…all I have to say to that is PASS THE VELVEETA!

  • Matsumama

    ….ok, these ‘reviewers’ are like, 15.  Aren’t there any educated adults at PopSugar???

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