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Photos of Kristen Stewart on The Graham Norton Show

5 Comments May 10, 2012 by Filed Under: Kristen Stewart

Here are photos of Kristen Stewart on The Graham Norton Show today. We’ll have the interview up as soon as it’s available!  I can’t wait to see this!  Chris Rock too!

[Source: Kstewartfans]

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  • Lill

    OMG!!!!!!! Gorgeous as always. 

  • Team Vampire Bella

    So gorgeous. Can’t wait till it airs in Austrlia next week.

  • D. Martin

    She looks gorgeous – as always.   Does she wear contacts?   Her eyes look really dilated in the first pic.   I’ve seen her in glasses before but I thought that was for show.

  • Sirina

    gosh look at her pupils…she’s on drugs again..and I know you fanatics think she has neeeeeever taken drugs..
    go on..bluff yourself:

  • Crizomar

    Hey Sirina you are a drug, get out of here now

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