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Peter Facinelli with his daughter at ‘Breaking Dawn– Part 2′ Premiere!

Peter Facinelli attended the premiere last Monday with his daughter Luca Bella.

She looked stunning and was a gorgeous young lady, she’s also quite talented!

Luca Bella has started creating music videos ,this is her first one , and its pretty good!

Check it out here:

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  • mirandathevampgirl

    Wow she looks so grown up

  • leahreallyitis

    DAMN what’s in the water?! she is goregous! and how old is she?

  • cjules1st

    pretty girl, hope he has a gun! She has is looks and Jenny’s coloring and eyes. Very pretty.

  • ElianaNoelle

    She is fifteen. She will be sixteen next year. She is a beauty though! Peter has some nice genes.

  • Kittypurr

    Talented and pretty didn’t know she was his daughter, he passes on some good genes. lol

  • Amber Eyes

    How coincidental and funny is it that her name is Luca BELLA?

  • leahreallyitis

    wow! fifteen?! damn I thought she was seventeen! she is gorgeous and yes Peter does have serious good looking genes in the family ;D

  • leahreallyitis

    haha ha ha ha I know huh?! but it is a pretty name :)

  • leahreallyitis

    this girl can sing!I saw her vid on you tube and she is amazing!

  • leahreallyitis

    can you believe she is fifteen?! O/T for a sec I saw a teaser of the next hunger games movie it is the second one and it comes out November 22nd 2013 I can’t remember the name something(don’t yell at me LMAO!) Catcher In The Fire I don’t know I’m sorry I’m not a fan ha ha ha haha

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