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One Nomination For ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ For 2013 MTV Movie Awards

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The 2013 MTV Movie Award nominations were announced today. Taylor Lautner was the only nomination for Best Shirtless Performance in Breaking Dawn Part 2. *rolls eyes*

No Movie of The Year, No Best Male/Female Performance, No Best Duo Performance, No Best Fight, No Best Villain, No Best Kiss and No Best WTF moment!  Are you kidding us MTV? Seriously? After Carlisle dies, everyone and I mean EVERYONE in the theater was freaking out like WTF??????

I would love to support Taylor, but I doubt he really cares about a Best Shirtless Award. (don’t go Taylor)

Guess what I won’t be watching April 14th? Guess what channel I won’t be watching any longer? You know, if Breaking Dawn Part 2 didn’t win, I’d be fine with that.  I get it, not everyone likes it.  The fact that MTV didn’t even nominate Breaking Dawn Part 2 for anything was them blatantly saying ‘we don’t want BD2 to win and screw you Twilight fans’.

What do you think?

Fans on Twitter mentioned having Breaking Dawn Part 2 Fandom Day on April 14th. Instead of watching MTV Movie Awards, let’s watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 again right when the MTV Movie Awards start!

Remember Twilight Tuesdays MTV?

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  • Chanellc

    I am all for having our own awards show we deserve it MTV basically lost me now thats twilights no t nominated for anything except best shirtless performance I have no desire to watch that channel. Twilight was the only reason I even watched Mtv not anymore. Its true that not everyone likes twilight if you don’t like it thats fine but people are insulting the fandom and we can’t have that .

  • Rhonda Renee Weir

    Well sounds GREAT TO ME WATCHING BREAKING DAWN PART 2 instead if MTV Movie Awards, I can’t understand why only Taylor Lautner for Shirtless Award. They MTV have lost their touch since no Video’s and this is a WTF situation.

  • ✭MegO-BTB✭

    Josh probably couldn’t say 100% of what he thinks cause well he works for MTV and you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Albcullen80

    Boycott!! Boycott!! Boycott!!!
    I’m almost as disappointed about no noms for hunger games, all the noms are good movies, but MTV movie awards are supposed to be fun, we already have the globes and oscars…MTV sucks anyway, just another reason to avoid this channel

  • RockyLynn

    I am so mad about it! MTV Sucks…. I will not be watching it this year either! They got cheated, mtv made a mistake for pissing off Twihearts… I mean this is the last movie?? It should of got to go out with a Bang! Breaking Dawn Part 2 all the way!!!!!

  • EdwardsNana

    I so agree with you MegO-BTB, Josh has his hands tied. But MTV should remember, back in July/2012, when Rob wasn’t talking to anyone, he interviewed with Josh. Because Josh, being the class act he is, didn’t ask Rob any personnel questions. I didn’t even know who Josh was till he be-friended the “Twilight Saga & cast”.

  • Aída(Spain)

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?Last year they only gave it two nominations(because of the stupid hunger games)and now only this?THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE OF THE SAGA!I would kill them if I were there!!!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Nana, the powers that be at MTV, don’t care. But come MMA day, they might notice a decrease in viewer ratings.

  • Veronica Arleen Hill

    They knew if they would of put twilight in every category they would of win every last one i wont b watchin the mtv awards this year or any year after this twilight 4ever on April 14 i will b havin a twilight marathon

  • Katie Eames

    I guess this means we don’t get the epic best kiss award show, MTV obviously just the used the fans of twilight to get their views up and have now decided they don’t need us anymore. Well we don’t need them, we already know it’s the best film ever and Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the film could win all the awards if it was considered fairly with all the other films out these days. MTV sucks and Twilight will forever rule!

  • Mandyluv

    I will not watch MTV anymore in my entire life

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