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OK Magazine: What Would The Real Renesmee Look Like?

76 Comments December 7, 2010 by Filed Under: Mackenzie Foy, Renesmee

OK Magazine had a police artist to create the portrait of Renesmee based on the description in Breaking Dawn.

OK! asked a police artist to create a portrait of what the child of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan should look like, based on the descriptions of each character in the Twilight Saga. The artist’s rendering bears a striking resemblance to 10-year-old Mackenzie Foy, the actress who was cast as Renesmee.

“She sort of looks like Bella, which is absolutely right,” Kristen Stewart has said of Mackenzie. “Although the funny thing is she has green eyes and we both have to wear brown contacts together!”

The artist rendering shows Renesmee with green eyes, as Bella imagined her child, since Edward used to have green eyes. But as readers know, once Renesmee arrives, she’s inherited Bella’s chocolate brown eyes!

:D  Definitely prefer Mackenzie that’s for sure.  Mackenzie is our real Renesmee!!! 

[Source: OK. Thanks Lyndsey!]

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  • rosaliehale1994

    It looks really creepy!!!

    Don’t like it at all….epic fail OK! magazine!
    Team Mackenzie foy!!!!!

  • CJ-LoveMeSomeROBSTEN

    pfffffhahahahahhaa! See, this is what I effing love about this site. I can be having the sh!ttiest day, and then I get on here and see stuff like the obvious bad photo-morph job that OK magazine did, and I laugh my a$$ off for hours.

    Its an alien! it’s an elf!….nope! It’s just a crappy photoshop chop.

    I’m with you! TEAM MAKENZIE!

  • CJ-LoveMeSomeROBSTEN

    They made the eyes WAY to big for the face though. It just looks….creepy.

    Aren’t Rob’s brows a LOT bushier than that??? LOL.

  • CJ-LoveMeSomeROBSTEN

    hahahaha. It looks like one of those birthday cards with the dog/cat with WAY TOO BIG creepy eyes on a little face?

  • EdwardsVenom/BuyCurlyJewelry!!

    Well what can I say? OK is a crap magazine that changed Rob & Kristen’s Eclipse Premiere pics into Wedding photos…then decided to use Breaking Dawn Honeymoon pics as real Honeymoon pics. NOW they have an issue on stands that talks about Kristen being pregnant. I’m sure once movie pics surface of “Bella” pregnant they will use those to say “I told you so.”

    OK magazine is ridiculous…as is that hideous picture of what Renesmee would look like. Jeez.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such bushy eyebrows on a child….

  • Anonymous

    ha ha ha ha haha!!! my sentiments exactly! and I HATE OK magazine too!! why would they do this?!!! I wish that magazine would drop off the face of the earth and never heard of again and take STAR magazine with thme and US Weekly and Life and Style and People!

  • Anonymous

    IKR?! when I saw this yesterday I just sat here laughing my a$$ off and my question is this kid real?!! LOL XD

  • Anonymous

    yep TEAM NESSIE and TEAM MACKENZIE all the way!! she is a goddess in training :)

  • Anonymous

    IMO I think it is an insult to Mackenzie and also I would love to e-mail them and tell them off

  • Anonymous

    oh hey no doubt about it it is BS this is what you call a WTF moment

  • Anonymous

    you are right!! the pic of whatever that is does look like an elf!!! LOL XD

  • Anonymous

    OK Magazine really out did themselves in a REALLY STOOPID way!!!

  • KL☼ W4E♥Ami♣BD1♂BD2♀Cptvs↑

    Mackenzie is what I pictured of Renesmee…just add a little curl, and voila’!!! ♥

  • LegHitchThis

    lol! good thing that kid is imaginary :)

  • Drmsforus

    real twilight fans like real people n the movies not fake as# artwork my 12yr old son can do… so OK magazine do us all some good n dont….
    Team Mackenzie Foy

  • Anonymous

    That’s exactly what I said. WTF

  • Anonymous

    I think Makenzie is just perfect for Nessie. lol:))

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    LOL!!!! I guess you could say EVERY F*CKING MAGAZINE from the earth!!!! ugh!! I hate tabloids!! I only buy magazines when there is a photo shoot and real interviews on them, like the one they did from harpers bazzar!! THATS MY FAV EVER!! even though I never got it =(((!!

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!


  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    YESSS I KNOW!!! this site ALWAYS makes my day!!!! even if its only a old/new pic or an update!!! it always makes me happy and impatient for BD!!!

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    yeahh I know!! its hideous!!! TEAM MACKENZIE!! LOL!!

  • Anonymous

    I like Harpers Bazzar and also Entertainment Weekly that magazine talks about ENTERTAINMENT they don’t print CRAP like those magazine do! they talk about movies books and music that is what I love about it I have been a suscriber for a long time and I really love it

  • Anonymous

    this is just so wrong OK magazine needs to be put out of their misery LOL XD

  • Kez_MLIT..100%switz.stew.riley

    the fake girl looks so weird!
    her mouth is wayy too small!
    & her nose is like a ski slope tehe.
    I prefer Mackenzie <3

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    yeah the thing is that they print interesting stuff.. stuff that we REALLY want to know!!! those are open interviews about their projects and stuff they like rather than their “source’s stories” crap those “magazines” print!!

  • HCullen

    Mackenzie is what the real Renesmee would look like, if she didn’t they wouldn’t have picked her!

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