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No ‘Snow White’ Sequel For Kristen Stewart?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kristen Stewart will not return in the sequel to Snow White And The Huntsman.

Universal has decided to shelf its planned Snow White and the Huntsman sequel and is instead focusing on a solo Huntsman movie starring Chris Hemsworth. Kristen Stewart will not be invited to return if the follow-up goes forward.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the sequel to June’s Snow White, which starred Stewart, Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, is being reconceived as a spinoff movie. It’s unclear whether director Rupert Sanders will return, though one source with ties to the production says he will. However, screenwriter David Koepp, who had been hired to pen the continuation of the original film, is being settled out of his rich contract, according to sources, as the project is being transformed into something other than the movie that Koepp had been hired to write.

“The studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise,” a Universal spokeswoman says.

They may keep Rupert Sanders as director, but drop Kristen? That is the biggest bunch of BS! How is that right? SHE made that movie! $389.2 million worldwide was not because Rupert was the director. SMH.


The site then notes, “Kristen Stewart will not be invited to return if the follow-up goes forward.”


Those are some big claims.

And they’re WRONG.

A well-placed insider tells Gossip Cop that Stewart “hasn’t been dropped,” adding that theTHR story is “inaccurate.”

“There isn’t a script” yet, our source points out, making it impossible to know for sure which characters will be included in future installments.

In fact, a spokesperson for Universal says NO decisions have been made.

“The studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise,” the rep says.

Wow, THR.  Way to get everyone all riled up.  OK, so Kristen may or may not be in the sequel still.  So nothing new to really report.  LOL!

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  • marlita

    Hmmm…something is off about this story.We will have to see how this unfolds!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I remember them saying at the begining that if they did another movie, it would focus more on the huntsman and not snow white.

  • Silence’s Voice

    Okay, this is getting a bit too serious… =S

  • K2☼_Cosmo♥BD2♀MB♠TRvr♣Maps♦

    Yeah, then they should get a new director too. Unless she decided not to do it? But still… I guess we’ll just wait to hear concrete news.

  • winndsinger

    OH YES!!! ROFL!!! I am just loving this!! And I would MUCH rather watch Chris Hemsworth than HER anyday!! I predict in six month’s time she won’t even be able to do Cover Girl commercials….LOL


    snow white and the huntsman was about snow white and i guess the huntsman will be about him and how became the way he was in snow white and the huntsman

  • BellaBellsWithConverse♥Edward

    This is getting ridiculous. It takes two to tango so why is Kristen getting all the blame? Why didn’t Rupert drop out too? This is unfair. HE’S the one who’s MARRIED and with two kids. And just for the record, universal the only reason why snow white and the huntsman was a hit’s because we all wanted to see Kristen. Period. And yes I still believe Kristen didn’t cheat, some may say I’m on denial but I don’t care I will always support her.

  • CocaineHeart

    damn that’s some cold shiz right there

  • 5ctBauble

    Way to make unnecessary drama!!! geez! SWATH 2 was only given a go ahead to happen, but nothing had been organised so I won’t beleive any reports of people exiting or entering the movie just yet

  • Bw13

    I would like to see them do a kind of prequel with Charlize Theron, because while I hate to admit it, I was kinda rooting for her the entire movie. I mean she was just so badass & her outfits were amazing!

  • EluvsRob

    This is all bull. It’s a story from the Hoolywood Reporter for crap sake! Gossip Cop already squashed it. The studio hasn’t decided anything about the sequel yet so everybody chill.

  • Ceres143

    That’s hilarious! I was just saying the same thing to my roomate before I saw this…. It’s a shame. I feel like the media is focused on the wrong part of this “story”. This guy is married with two kids!!!!!! Not to say that it isn’t a totally messed up situation…but really…The whole thing is none of anyone’s business but theirs!

  • Lill

    This is damage control for universal .

  • Lill

    Damn girl get over it sheez stop with the hate go find a hobby or something your life must be miserable for you .To celebrate someone’s else’s anguish you must be a horrible person

  • Lill

    How about some good news On The Road is going to premier at The TIFF !!! YAY !!!!!

  • Lill

    Haha lol ,
    STFU !!!!!!!

  • Miss_Heather

    not saying this in a mean way….. but man if that isn’t a big slap in the face i don’t know what is
    ouch poor Kstew
    I’ve stayed off commenting and the whole she cheated thing, yeah it got ugly, but man thats just below the belt.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not fair, uh. They can’t drop Kristen out

  • Red

    I won’t watch any snow white sequel if there is no Kristen…drop Sanders if anything.

  • saku

    actually a lot of people dont want to see Kstew perform anymore, so they wont go see her movies. she’s even been pulled out of cali. i dont think she shud be blamed that much. but she is a star, she shud be careful abt her morals and the papparazi.

  • saku

    they didnt remove rupert sanders, bcos a majority of the ppl who watched the movie didnt remember his name also. i agree he shud be blamed the most, but since Kstew is the one always in the spotlight, she will get blamed more.

  • Den U.

    Universal would be insane to bring Kristen back. Sorry but its true. And if you would take off the “I love Kristen” glasses for a moment and view this from a business point of view you would see that too. After all the bad publicity this has created already Universal has to take action. When they already didnt move forward right away with the sequel I knew that this was it for Kristen. If Kristen would return (And I dont even think she would want to) the atmosphere on set alone would be unbearable for anyone. It makes perfect sense that Universal would shelf the sequel and decide not to bring Kristen back (Or maybe it was even her own decision) – it also explains why they havent moved forward with the planned sequel already.

    And lets not forget that Kristen is not the only star of this franchise. Chris Hemsworth is a man on the rise. He just played a major role in the most successful and epic superherofilm of all time (A movie that made twice as much money as Snow White or any of the Twi-films), he is burned into the subconscious of people as Thor now and he will be even more after next years Thor: The Dark World. And 2015 he will be in Avengers 2 as well.

    Which means that Universal can use this a lot to make him the new lead character in the Huntsman franchise. Especially in the long run.

    Also a lot of people went to watch this film because of the material not because of Kristen. I even know a lot of people who watched this film DESPITE not liking Kristen. I am not one of those. I like Kristen as an actress. She was a very good Bella and she did some good stuff on other films like Runaways too. But to say that this franchise needs her to survive is bull.

    Chris Hemsworth can carry this franchise just as much. Especially after Avengers.

  • vanquish13

    Everyone please go read Jodie Fosters words about Kristen. It’s on I love that Jodie has said what she has said. And Kristen I will always be a fan no matter what, because that’s why fans are fans.

  • vanquish13

    How can you find enjoyment out of someone’s suffering? You are a cruel person.

  • vanquish13

    Same the only reason I watched SW was because of Kristen.

  • Robsessed_Twerd

    Ditto here. This sucks

  • Robsessed_Twerd

    Look, I asked this before, but is there any OFFICIAL statement from Robsten saying they’ve split?

  • D. Martin

    It was on the news this morning that there will not be a SWATH sequel. That Universal is going forward with only the huntsmen. It was on the morning news.

  • D. Martin

    This is not that kind of forum. Why are you here?

  • vanquish13

    I don’t think there will ever be anything official…just like there was nothing official saying they were dating.

  • Amber Eyes

    Are they stupid or something? Who the hell went to see this because some schmuck director was at the helm? If she’s not in the sequel it’ll bomb. I sure as hell wont put my money down to buy any tickets that’s for sure.

  • ryder

    Double ditto. I love Chris “Thor” Hemsworth, but I refuse to spend money on a movie if she’s not in it and I went to see it 3 times. Typical DOUBLE STANDARD! IT’S A BOYS WILL BE BOYS WORLD NO MATTER WHAT CENTURY WE’RE LIVING IN, LADIES. He’s a 41 year old, married, father of 2 . . . ugh, I’m too angry to finish my thought.

  • ryder

    I missed it, but I’ve never understood why people come here to hate. I guess their lives are boring and strife gives them a thrill. Oh, well, thank goodness for the moderators and the delete button :)

  • ryder

    I wasn’t rooting for her, but she was awesome and her costumes were phenomenal. She really was outstanding in that role, especially with her creepy brother.

  • sassybug

    i don’t like kristen that much and i don’t hate her either, but i would like ppl to know that only a few of KStew’s fans still support her. I don’t think she does deserve that much hate though. I hate the bastard director. However it is possible that if they hadn’t been caught cheating they would have continued doing that through the entire sequel.

  • winndsinger

    Wow, I guess if you voice your opinion on this site and it’s not popular, they just delete it out. Nazis do that too. Well, you can all hold Kristen’s hand and sing songs of love to her, but I won’t. Bury your heads in the sand and feel sorry for the poor little girl but I’m done. I refuse to write anything else on this crap site. See ya.

  • La Frenchie

    Faut arrêter, elle a 22 ans, lui plus de 40 ans et c’est un matyr??? C’est bon, faut boycotter une suite sans notre petite Stewart. FRANCE WITH KRISTEN STEWART !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    L’erreure est humaine (to err is human), la production donne trop d’importance à tout ça.
    This is just unacceptable.

  • taalot82

    ok so here it is plain and simple married man single women who gets blame and treated like crap single women but this is the thing i will not watch a snow white and the huntsman follow up movie with out kristen in it thanks

  • nomad passing by

    Halleluaj…goodbye….take your dirty laundry somewhere else!!!!

  • Ashley

    This is BS Kristen made the movie it would suck with out her

  • TeamEdwardOfCourse

    After her husband died, Marie Curie had a relationship with a fellow scientist who was married, she, with 2 nobel prizes, got kicked out of the academy, he was NOT.

    We’re SO moving forward…

  • Aliesa

    No!! I hope they dont drop Kristen. What would be the point. I wanted so bad to watch the second part ot this story to actually see Snow White and the Huntsman together!!! that is the main idea. I love Chris as an actor, but I dont think it will be a good idea.

  • loveu1432

    NOOOOOO! She absoultely CANNOT do this if she REALLY loves Rob she will drop this movie and forget about the money!!!! I bet she isnt even thinking about this, just about trying to fix it with Rob. ANDDDDDD by the way Rob is obvisously NOT ok you just cant put away 3 years of loving someone in 2 weeks, and if he can then he didnt even love her in the first place

  • betsy day

    I wont go see it iff he direct and I wont go see if she is not in it..we all went to see it be cause she was in it. That all I have to say about that, He is gross. wonder if he got paid to put her in a compromizing situation? mmmmmmmmmmmmmno way he stays and she goes…

  • loveu1432

    soooo true on the gross part!!!! i’m still wondering how she looked at him and didnt be like ‘OMG YOU NOT ROB’ and just drove away

  • Corinne Robinson

    Not that I didn’t love snow white and the huntsman but I really hope they don’t do a sequel….at least not the way they are planning. To corrupt Snow white…I mean the point is that she is so pure…

  • Corinne Robinson

    I guess it’s to be expected but everything that’s out is from “close sources”. Really, do people really think they are talking about this situation with people that are just going to run to the tabloids? Rob’s being a gentleman about this whole thing… but again…and i can’t stress this enough: this is their business. They deserve to deal with this in private!

  • loal59

    Yeah it’s kind of fair to not be included in the sequal once you’ve fucked the director. Who is also married with children.

  • nostalking

    If the powers that be believe Kristen’s fans will jump ship, they are nuts. Who hasn’t made a mistake? This woman is a powerful actress and deserves for the world to mind their own business. Private life is private life. If the Pappz hadn’t stalked her no one but the parties involved would have known. Fox News just released a very good article. “In defense of Kristen Stewart”.

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