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No Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner at The Final Breaking Dawn Twilight Convention?

The Twilight Saga Official Convention updated their events for the upcoming The Final Journey, and reported no Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner will be at the convention this year in Burbank, CA on November 3-4, 2012.

They say all good things must come to an end and so it is with our three year long The Twilight Saga: Official Convention Tour which has visited cities across The United States and Canada. Along the way we’ve met tens of thousands of fantastic fellow fans and it has been a particular joy celebrating the unprecedented success of the films and novels and working with so many talented and gracious stars. The passion and dedication of Twilight fandom has been amazing and we’re out to throw one last giant convention, a final gathering to see old friends that have made up the Twilight family.

Although Rob, Kristen and Taylor will not be with us this time out we will have a super line-up of other Twilight stars and the weekend will be filled with special events, movie prop and costume displays, contests, panels, auctions, parties, exclusive merchandise, music and much more, including some surprises!

The last chapter in the film series, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens in America on November 16th, just a few weeks after the convention. So with excitement and anticipation in the air we invite YOU to be part of the fun…. make your plans to be with us NOW! for the wrap-up event of “The Tour!”

Peter Facinelli, Gil Birmingham, Charlie Bewley, Alex Meraz, Boo Boo Stewart (tentatively), Tinsel Korey, Casey LaBow, and Julia Jones are scheduled to appear at the convention this year.   You can purchased tickets for this convention HERE! 

You can also check out other Twilight Convention Tours HERE!  San Antonio, Detroit, and Parsippany are scheduled!

Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the rest of the cast appeared at the Twilight Convention last year. 

This makes me so sad that the Twi Trinity is not going to be there.  I just can’t believe it.   No Rob, Kristen and Taylor.  *sobs*   Hopefully something will change.  Please?   *fingers, arms, toes, legs, eyes crossed*

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  • D. Martin

    I hope you’re right but they showed a photo. Could have been photoshopped though. But I remember when the Jennifer Aniston situation happened. There were Team Jolie and Team Aniston shirts printed.

  • ryder

    I’ll help you keep up the prayers D. Martin. I know we don’t know them, but I can tell all of the more mature parents have deep concern for both of their well-beings. Regardless of the recent circumstances, they created this international community. Our Twilight World.

  • Nicole Helena

    I agree. I’m so tired of all of this.

  • Nicole Helena

    Exactly. No one cares about your feelings, just do your damn job. It is complete BS.

  • Nicole Helena

    I agree. They need to man up and just go on. Not even sorry.

  • Nicole Helena

    I don’t fully agree with you, but then I again.. They need to act like professionals and do the promos. Period.

  • Nicole Helena

    Someone said something about people walking away from the saga and the fandom (sorry don’t know who). Here’s the thing: All of this is extremely tiring and I think that’s also why people are walking away. I am a huge fan of the saga and I will always love it, but I’m even starting to get tired of all this drama.
    All of this is so unprofessional and frankly, rude to the fans who’ve been supporting this damn saga for 4 years now. I guess some people forget that this – acting, promoting the movie, etc – is their profession. They get paid for it. Big time. There’s no way I’m going to baby them. If one of us goes through a break up (no matter how badly) we have to carry on. We have to work. Nobody cares about your personal BS and it shouldn’t affect your work. And all this – the affaire and the (personal) drama – shouldn’t affect the Breaking Dawn p. II promo tour. Just do your job. They’re not doing it for fun, it’s their profession. They should be professional about it.
    End of rant. Thank you.

  • Monique Wiltz

    Saw some of last years convention on youtube…….I can understand why the trio don’t want to attend. Even with the scandal I doubt they were going to show.
    And why would Taylor want to show up ? He would be hounded with questions about the other two …as if the three are attached at the hips……..either that or dumb questions about …when is he gonna take his shirt off……really?? They deserved more respect from fans.

  • Monique Wiltz

    They all have the right not to attend……..and Im sure Taylor does not want to hear all those dumb a## questions.

  • Monique Wiltz

    The saga is about the three of them…………forever………they all end up connected forever Jacob, Bella and Edward.

  • Monique Wiltz

    Taylor is the youngest and most mature….don’t drag his name in the mud.

  • OVER30lovingtwilight_ROBKris

    Oh God you are so right! I agree with you. I am so tired of all this thing. My daughter will graduate in November, all my energy are for her. I would had loved that Summit had released part 2 last summer….

  • hanksferrari

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  • Lux

    Of course it is somewhat disappointing to know that the actors who play the main characters in the series, not going to attend one of the events of the last film promotion! But as has happened in previous years, various commitments have led some could not access some promotion’s date. Of course, this time, private events, which shouldn’t interfere, make it all a bit strange. But I think they are professional enough to not let all the private drama interfere. I’m not sure the reasons or commitments of Taylor and Kristen by then, but if we consider Robert, he has added to new projects that will keep him surely busy (Don’t they start filming “Queen of the desert” this fall? Correct me if is not that way), therefore wouldn’t be so strange not to see him in all the promotional tour.

    What I mean, It isn’t all about the scandal. Should not, and we shouldn’t allow it. We must stop feeding all that revolves around the tabloids, because it is a vicious circle and completely vain.

    Let’s enjoy the latest chapter of the saga, as far as possible. And once finished, well, I guess everyone will support the careers of actors who choose. But don’t mess all the promotion with issues we don’t know, or assumptions. If Taylor, Kristen and Robert will not attend this convention, well, the fans who can attend, do it to support the rest of the cast. The BD2′s promotion will have it good duration, and we will have several opportunities to see all of them together.

    This is what I think.

  • Mary Pat

    He”s not taking too heat because no one cares about him.

  • scarlett71177

    Is ANYONE going to the Detroit Con?

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    The core of the cast isn’t sheduled to attend yet, only Peter.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Tell Summit, how you feel.Their the ones with the power.

  • Gabriela

    I think so too. She’s going to stand there and stay strong. At least that’s what I hope so, it’s not easy when thousands of people are trying to break you down even if she did bring everything upon herself. Everybody is entitled to up, we’re humans and nobody can crucify you about that. We learn from our mistakes and move on and hope to never do it again. Jeez I’m tired with people having the nerve of destroying and calling her all sorts of horrible names, as if they’ve never done anything wrong, as if they’re puritans, soo prudish,

    All I want is for her to stay strong and be proffesional, she’s worked her a..s off for the saga and she deserves to be there, she’s the main character and she has had to endure a lot of pressure trying to measure up for the fans. And now we diss her. What has happened to people nowadays, so heartless.

    I’ve commmeted on this board I think mabey two times since the first movie came out, and I’m really dissapointed with some people’s attitude and lack of respect towards a person. I just couldn’t let this go. I had to express somehow how I feel about this.


  • Lily

    That’s true,I would be ashamed wearing one of those tee shirts. If You respect the books and the movies nobody would ever wear that.

  • loveherstill

    Glad to know that someone else knows humans are prone to mistakes

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    D, did they really do that? If so, that is just plain cruel. They couldn’t be real fans of Rob or Twilight to something like that.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I hope it dies down soon, but the media wants to keep it going, because it sales. People need to stop feeding the beast and stop buying tabloids.

  • leaveheralone

    The way people are feeding of of this is absoultely heartless. There are now shirts people can buy for 30 dollars saying thatt kristen stewart is a trampire. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? for 30 dollars I can buy a whole freaking outfit instead some plain shirt that you could have literally made at home. If people hated her sooo much why in the world would they spend 30 freaking dollars for a shirt with her name on it?? Where are the shirts that say ‘rupert sanders is a man whore’?? People are acting like he did nothing wrong, HE WAS FREAKING MARRIED!!! Does that mean anything to anybody?? Yeah being in a long term relationship is serious too but he made vows and has 2 kids and he’s 41. Im not saying at 22 you dont know what youre doing but at 41 and married with kids you have all the much more reason to think about your decisions before you make them espically if it involes your kids. Whoever actually wants to buy this shirt is obviously NOT in their right minds.

  • D. Martin

    That’s what I read. There are people who do not want him to take Kristen back. But I read that one girl tweeted that some lady said something derogatory about Kristen in the autograph line and he did not sign her autograph and told her to back off.

  • Mary pat

    They’ve made their money, Summit has made its money and now it is “screw the fans”. Heartless? What did you expect? Did you actually buy into the “we care about the fans” BS?

  • mary pat

    Please, she cheated on Rob. Not really a good girl with high morals thing to do but who cares? I only care that they are now going to ruin all the pre-release events for us fans because they are hiding like little spoiled babies. Look, our love for the twilight story made them rich. Its a job for them

  • vanquish13

    Calm down. This choice was made by Summit. The actors don’t have a choice about it. And things may change by November. Summit may be planning to split the cast for promos all over the world…not even the other Cullens and the main Volturi are at this convention. The convention was a disappointment lasT year anyway, so called fans were rude.

  • nostalking

    I agree completely. Leave her, and him alne. Isn’t anyone worried about her? I would expect people should be.

  • nostalking

    You are so right. She even dropped out of a movie she was rally excited about. She may never be the same. I wish someone would show some compassion and help her out.

  • tcapsworld

    I have attended the LA convention the last two years in a row, and it is correct that last year some of the “fans” were just downright obnoxious. Its also fair to point out, that its really early, and for those that will be attending the final convention, many more of the actors will be added to the venue, as it get closer in. This happens every year. To address the Rob, Kristen, and Taylor situation, as a true fan of the books and the movies, it would be sad not to have their presense at the final convention. I believe for the real fans out there, it has been a great journey, and we are all looking forward to seeing the final chapter. It wouldn’t be the same without them. People travel from all over to be a part of this event.
    With the amount of passion, love and money we have vested, I hope Summit will pull together an EPIC event. And we’re all hoping that somehow the characters we love and have rooted for, Rob, Kristen, and Taylor will be there one last time.

  • Mousie

    See I knew this was going to happen, Damn that Kristen… I’ve saved & saved just so I would be able to come to the last one, and as much as I love the rest of the cast, I wanted to see Taylor… He’s not coming cause those two aren’t. This sucks ass, such a sad ending to my beloved saga

  • Mousie

    She came from money & could have done anything she wanted, she wanted to act because she wanted to. She wanted to be with Rob so she went behind her boyfriend & Best Friends back, she wanted this new guy so she made out with him. Please no child hood LOL LOL. Her family is a good family and her siblings are doing well. She’s in this business and she knows what comes with it, it was just a bad choice to go make out with a married man in public LOL come on anybody with a little sence would know that. Yes all she did was kiss the guy & people are being very hard on her, but she made the bed now she has to lie in it!!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I hope that wasn’t true about saying something about Kristen, it wasn’t the time or place. I heard someone say that, it was because someone was pushing, why he said back off. Guess we’ll never know for sure.

  • Carib

    Totally agree with you.

  • D. Martin

    True. People lie on Twitter. They say things to get people to hope. For instance…Kristen was seen for the first time today. It’s all on Popsugar. She seems thinner to me — but that could be just ME. But not too bad. I imagined far worse. She’s still wearing her gold ring — the one with Rob engraved on it — and the Orioles baseball cap.

    Everyone is saying, “See! Told ya!” But I think they are reading too much into this. Building false hope ya know? That could have been Kristen’s hat all along. He’s used her backpack before too.

  • fed up!

    During Rob’s Cosmopolis interviews he talked about being in it for the film/acting not his personal life. Well, part of the film world is promoting. He can’t have it both ways. This is an insult to the fans, especially this being the final film. I say Rob and Kristen put on your “big girl panties” and get to work promoting BD2. How many times have they said, “we love our fans, it’s all about the fans. . . ” but their actions now say something completely different. As far as Taylor Lautner, what does any of this have to do with him not appearing! I say if they want to boycott they maybe the fans should too.

  • Secert twi girl

    whos this Ted Casablanca dude? and what has he been saying?

  • vanquish13

    Kristen didn’t come from money. Her parents worked on sets as part of the crew, hardly what you call “money”. The money you’re probably talking about is what she earned from working over the past decade. Mind you she worked from before she was 10 years old…what were we doing? Oh right living off our parents money at that age still. And no Kristen didn’t cheat on Michael, if she did that would make Rob the willing party. What does that say about Rob? Rob pursued Kristen and used Nikki’s friendship to his advantage to remain as close to Kristen as he could. If Kristen did go behind her best friends back…I ask wouldn’t Kristen and Nikki not be friends? Well guess what they still are. But what I find funny is in your comment you are attacking Kristen but at the same time wasn’t Rob with Kristen despite all that? A bit contradictory.

  • Carebear82476

    This is really disappointing news! I’ve been to one of the Twilight conventions locally several years ago, and always wanted to go to another one. Last year I decided that I would wait until the L.A. one so I could see the main cast (I’ll admit is was mainly for Rob). It was going to be the best end of the saga moment…

  • vanquish13

    It’s actually been confirmed these two were never booked to be at the convention anyway. They didn’t back out because these two were never scheduled to appear. I’m thinking because at one stage both were going to be filming. Kristen was scheduled for Cali and Rob for mission blacklist.

  • Den U.

    oh my the fangirls are getting upset because I ruined their image of innocent, young, helpless Kristen with my actual non-biased comments. good its always good if you hit a nerve. means you are saying something real.

    Let me clarify something though. I am not a Kristen hater. I do respect her as an actress and admire her even for several of her work. That however does not prevent me from criticizing her if its necessary.

    And the truth is that she is no innocent, helpless little saint who got manipulated and exploited like Catherine Tramell did with Nick Curran in BASIC INSTINCT.

    And you can call me names and insult me until judgment day – it wont change anything.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    No one knows whats really going on. Yes, they borrowed each others things all the time.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I agree with what Bill Conden said, they have poured their heart and souls into the saga, and I do think they appreciate their fans. Yes I’m sad, their not sheduled to be there, but I’m not a fair weather fan either.

  • Mousie

    They are both to blame!! Rob was wrong for persuing her while she was with Mike & using Nikki to do it. And sweetie when was the last time you heard about or saw Kristen & Nikki together outside of Twilight stuff, I’ll wait Oh right they haven’t been friends close friends since Kirsten got with Rob!!! She had money her mother wrote scripts & her father worked on sets, and like I said she wanted to act. Sorry I’ve never lived off my parents I worked my ass off to be able to live the way I do, My life was ALOT different than hers she didn’t struggle & neither did her family, she was & is not the family bread winner, she was cool she could have done anything she wanted her parents had her covered, that’s what I mean by “had money” either way what goes around comes around

  • Helen Mackey

    you don’t think the scandal is going to make it more popular. What about Rob’s new movie and the release of Kristen’s SWATH? Robs last few movies bombed and they needed to do something to save him which in turn would save all the future movies. I bet we will see them back togehter sometime around November 16th.

  • duriansmell

    so bottom line is she should have stayed home. Stop acting. She should have went to school & live a life as normal little innocent girl with less money. amen… P.S. she’s not nice to people anyway!

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