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New/Old Robert Pattinson Interview with NBC News for Breaking Dawn Part 1

I have no idea why these interviews are just coming out now?

Apparently this one hasn’t been seen before? I’ve lost track! Too many press junket interviews!

Rob talks about losing track of which scene was in which movie, how you lower the movie rating during editing and whether the last day of filming was like the last day of school.

I’m surprised and disappointed he didn’t let slip about many scenes in Part 2 :(

[Source: Patty3XOnly via RobstenDreams]

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  • Anonymous

    LOL! “You can’t the move in conjunction with noise.” But I am sure we would love to hear the noise coming from you XD, if only there was the unrated version of the whole thing!

    And I am missing the interviews of all the twilight cast, wish they not only do interview for during the whole premiere of the movie period but have a few interview in between.

  • Twifan

    Is there already a “” or will the creator of this website just make this the place to go for all the latest “part 2″ news, photos, and video?

  • Jaypat

    It’ll all be here on!  

  • ifonly2011

    WooHooo!! Can’t wait!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is it Nov. already? Can’t wait, Jaypat.

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