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New/Old Kristen Stewart Outtake From Jimmy Kimmel Live Photo Session

35 Comments December 30, 2010 by Filed Under: Kristen Stewart

Look at this cute new/old Kristen Stewart outtake from Jimmy Kimmel Live photo session in 2009. Kristen was there promoting  Adventureland and The Cake Eaters. You can view the interview here.

I just love her! :)

[Source via Pattinson-Stewart Fans]

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  • TheGirlWithTheBigBrownEyes

    haha i love that face

  • Mullet Mofowski (CF)

    God I love her.

  • lis289

    LOL, she’s soo frekin aswome. You know everyone is always criticizing her looks, the way she walks, what she wears ect. However I think if everyone was a popular as she, they would’t be soo quick to judge..

    I think she’s got spunk and a wonderfull and colorfull attitued twards everyting. Just love her!!!

  • Anonymous

    haha ha ha aw Stewy you just made my day *muah*!!

  • Anonymous

    that goes ditto for me too

  • Anonymous

    well said! I could not have said it better myself she is AMAZING!

  • Anonymous

    I do too that just made my day :)

  • LegHitchThis

    that was beautiful<3

  • LegHitchThis

    Love her personality.
    This picture = epic win. ♥

  • LegHitchThis

    she makes my day everyday!

  • amanda_cullen ♥

    This is why I love her…♥

  • lis289

    why thank you :)

  • lis289

    I can’t wait to see her in more movies….I want to see WTTR really bad.

  • Casey


  • KL☼ W4E♥Ami♣BD1♂BD2♀Cptvs↑

    Hahahaha, I love this picture…she’s so playful!!! ♥

  • HmR <3 flying ninja Rob

    is it just me.. or does she just look unbelievably hot in that photo?

  • bambi +)SacreBleu.FrenchToast!

    lmao, I love this
    it’s usually Rob that’s making the funny faces, this is a….great change? ahaha

  • Givenny_Team Stewy’s Tasty Pie


    I’m so tempted to change my avi D:

  • Givenny_Team Stewy’s Tasty Pie

    *sighs* same here

  • team_smiley_stew *DAG NABIT!*

    Haha I love this!♥ Love her :)
    SillyStew FTW!

  • MissN.Gravety.Magnet.Satellite

    I am so changing my avi! This is the real darn kristen! oh, how i love ger!

  • Britt

    God I love this women :)

  • newborneyes

    love this picture is so natural and true!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could see THIS Kristen more often!

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    LOL!!! look who is goofing around now!!!! (instead of rob) GOD she is the best!!

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    LOL!!! look who is goofing around now!!!! (instead of rob) GOD she is the best!!

  • RileysGirl_”CanISignYourCast?”

    ahh i love how she is so chilled and such a goofball! not afraid to just relax and joke around a bit XD

  • Ana Bastow

    Oh I adore her so much! This is such a funny/cute (cunny?) pic and matches Robert’s so well!

  • Wirdwarrior2

    OMG! It’s Sean Penn in drag!!!

  • Margaretnataliepoland

    She’s so funny here:) I luv that:)

  • May BLUE

    oh my god…… i just love her so much……

  • may blue


  • Anonymous

    aww i love how her and rob both did the brow arch!
    lol i love em!

  • HP

    Somehow this photo reminds me of Cindy Lauper…

  • Mizbev2010

    nice for a change mostly its robert

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