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New/Old EW Outtake Of Robert Pattinson!

14 Comments March 2, 2011 by Filed Under: Robert Pattinson

Check out this new/old outtake of Robert Pattinson from the 2010 Entertainment Weekly photo shoot! 

Those fingers…..mmmmmm….

[Source: pattinsonlife]

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  • alter eggo ♥singing All Yours♪

    <3 it!!!

  • CantHelpIt (I <3 Beardward)

    Just LOOKING at those curled up fingers and THINKING about his fingers curled up in…..


  • Jennifer *Excited for BD!!!!*

    So did anyone hear about Robert being on the Ryan Seacrest radio show tomorrow??? I’m hoping this isn’t some sort of joke but I heard that today.

  • Anonymous

    They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and both of his are breathtaking! (his eyes and soul, that is.)

    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson for creating this gorgeous man!!!!

  • Twiguest

    Those are the sexiest hands I have ever seen!!!
    I hear ovaries exploding everywhere!!! Thank you Richard and claire pattinson!

  • RileysGirl_TeamSnowWhite!


  • stewyISqueen<3

    LOL that statement just sent me right off the deep end and straight into gutterland….

  • stewyISqueen<3

    UNF! *faints while my ovaries explode*

  • Kristin

    I swear, this is the photo shoot that keeps on giving. We keep on getting new outtakes :D

  • TeamEC1918

    ONLY 9 COMMENTS?????? it’s finger porn ppl where is everyone at??? LOL

  • TeamEC1918

    Damn mine too & I need them to make babies LMFAO

  • stewyISqueen<3

    LMFAO I know right I do too…

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