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This was the reason

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This was the reason
  • EveTheShadowhunter

    i think this is the scene, where bella shouts at jacob, because she found out that he is imprinted on nessie…hmm ^-^ can’t wait to see it

  • Emma xxx

    love edward in this, he’s like yeah go bella!

  • twilightforever96

    OMG!! i like how edward’s just standing there like “u mad, bro?” to jacob!! go vamp bella!!

  • Blue Moon

    Adore the look on Edward’s face – his body language. Perfect. :-) Just like I imagined.

  • BornInKiev

    Edward: That’s my girl!

  • ibi obinyan

    Love how Edward is just chillin t the side like “you go girlfriend” :)

  • brenna williams

    i wonder if they are fighting

  • twihard

    Niice can’t wait for this scene it’s going to be a classic!! Jacob gets beatdown yaay finally!!

  • Overally_Obsessed_Twihard

    Hahahha Edwards face :D can’t wait to see this scene and know how Bella is going to react on screen! SO AMAZING AND EXCITING!

  • Marilu Paramore Ramirez

    Resason lol instead of reason

  • pomsta1350

    Szykuje się porządny wpierdol :D

  • ifonly2011

    Love Edward in this shot ;)

  • Lisa Yanda

    GO Bella Go!!!!!!!! I’m going to love this scene.

  • Rachel Neal

    this must be the part where bella finds out that jacab imprinted on her baby lol

  • Lia Afandy Dunkz


  • zazagoober

    o my chizz! I was thinking the same thing. lmao :P

  • nicky_march

    Of course edwards happy…this is the man who was in love w/his wife, and to top it off his wife was in love w/that man too, the man who would of loved to steal her away from him, the man his wifes father would rather her be with…hes been fantasizing about jacob getting throttled for a while lol…and I think its more enjoyable that bellas the one doing it. And I’m sure the relief that bella is 100% in love w/edward w/no lingering and interferring love and guilt for jacob has got him feeling a bit giddy

  • Beth

    I can’t wait to see this scene; it’s one of my favorite parts of breaking Dawn. Ha!

  • April Thompson

    So funny, i like, from what i have heard, that Jacob actually gets thrown around by Bella, whereas in the book Bella lunges towards him and Seth jumps in the way and gets hurt, in the movie it seems as thought Bill Condon is actually going to have Bella attack Jacob which a change from the book, that im looking forward to.

  • fahdfjkaheu

    It’s funny because everyone is ready to hold bella back and edward is just relaxing and all like ” whoa this is awesome”

  • Chloesingo

    Edward is amazing love youuuu

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