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We’ll train together

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We’ll train together
  • EveTheShadowhunter

    hmmm…sam looks kind of…fat…

  • Solange Semedo

    yeah, a little bit…: but that doesnt matter, does it?

  • Overally_Obsessed_Twihard

    *swooning over Jacob* :D “we’ll train together’ Can’t wait!

  • Mary Pat

    “Really Sam. You have to lay off of Emily’s muffins”

  • nicky_march

    Do they have to have the wolves wear layers? I mean, they wouldnt want to waste the time taking off an extra shirt or unzipping a jacket in an emergency..and what a waste it would be to tear twice as much clothes if they phased w/them on, especially when most of them dont have much $. Its one thing for the cullens to keep up appearances and sometimes wear a jacket..theyre already so noticable they gotta tone it down..but the wolves were never concerned with that, and if they were going inside somewhere they just throw on a t-shirt. I know it seems like I’m bitching about something unimportant…like when I bitched about how they dress the cullens in the exact opposite shade that they wear in the book, cuz changing their clothes from mostly white/light colors to all dark colored clothes dosent change the story or characters much…but the wolves wearing layers drives me nuts!

  • ivanna

    i think is just his jacket that makes him look fat !!!!!!!! dont know will see in the movie ohhh can’t wait

  • Sammy

    ..and? no1 looks perfect for me. I think Sam is sexy and looks like a real man! :D

  • RonniNatal

    My friend Chaske is Sam in the movie…

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