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New Pictures Of Jackson Rathbone In Baton Rouge!

15 Comments December 29, 2010 by Filed Under: 100 Monkeys, Jackson Rathbone

New pictures of Breaking Dawn Vampire Jackson Rathbone (aka Jasper Hale) with is band 100 Monkeys in Baton Rouge!


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  • gray face


  • Anonymous

    Well, hello Jackson… it seems to me this man is always smiling another hottness. Looks like he is enjoying being home in BR :) )

  • Jennifercsimpson

    Can you get any more adorable than that? I don’t think so!

  • gray face

    i have a rathBONER!

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    Whoo wee Jackson do you look sexy with that hairdo. I don’t mind being your hairdresser and make it nice and pretty. And add some bows

  • LegHitchThis

    Woah Jackson! Looking good!
    Hoolleeehh Haleee -faints-

  • 0livia Warnick

    UNGHHHHHH. babe.

  • SoffeS

    Look at that fabulous hair… and smile. X)

  • vampwannabe

    omg jackson’s adorbs!

  • touchmeimcold_forEC

    Hellooooo sexy hair!! Let me run my fingers through it pleaseeee!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, I so want to run my fingers thru that hair and scream oh baby-LOL!

  • RileysGirl_”CanISignYourCast?”

    LMAO! thats fantastic! :D

  • RileysGirl_”CanISignYourCast?”

    love jackson and love his band!
    i hope they tour oz sometime in the near future :)

  • Britt

    I’m liking the wat hes holding his guitar…

  • peace

    there are a great band, they are the coolest band, that there is. 100 monkey rock ya.

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