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New Picture Of Jamie Campbell Bower Naked!

43 Comments September 23, 2010 by Filed Under: Jamie Campbell Bower

New picture of Breaking Dawn Vampire Jamie Campbell Bower (aka Caius) in all his glory on a boat …leaves some things to the imagination. What a shame.

I see your but crack .. kinda.


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  • Nutty for Taylor’s MCNutters

    bahahaha he really has no shame, eh? i admire him for that.

  • cosmogirl21 <3 my Twisters


    that is all

  • jaspers(dont F.. my avi) girl

    “I see your but crack .. kinda” ????? i cant even see a but…

  • LWNV

    I wonder if he is still with Ginny Weasley and if she took the pic???? (maybe they were acting out scenes from Isle of esme?????)

  • IndiesR

    Meh! Jamie naked doesn’t do anything for me! Now go hunt down my Rob nakkid, or any male member of the wolf pack…then give me a call! :)

  • Nutty for Taylor’s MCNutters


  • lady danag (KMF, f*ckrs!)

    But i wonder if he’s gay.

  • SureSure4RobSTEN!

    Aro wouldn’t be too pleased with this….lol

  • LegHitchThis

    Lolz. Sick! Look how he has his finger on his lip. . . XD

  • MythicalMonster

    LOL! :)

  • TATIANA_OME – Rob has a face?

    this kind of looks like an ugly woman!


  • HmR <3 flying ninja Rob

    Yeeaaahhhhh…. no.

  • I’m_with_the_Vampires♥Jenny♥

    He’s gotta be gay!!!

    No straight man… on earth will ever agree to a pose like this….

  • teamhardwick

    OMG, Caius, you naughty vampire:). It would be cool if he would sparkle, and especially his butt LOL “your butt cheecks blinded me” ROFL

  • I’m_with_the_Vampires♥Jenny♥


  • Anonymous

    OMG! Not that I ever wanted to see this man naked, bleah!!! But it had been interesting to see more skin of Rob, don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    Finally some one that think he looks like a woman!
    I was thinking that i´m the only one…

  • Anonymous

    i´m so happy that hes not got the job for play Edward on the saga.
    Can you imagine that???
    It will ruin everything!

  • mlj (Team Pea Coat)

    Um, OK. Words escape me.

  • TATIANA_OME – Rob has a face?

    you are not alone!!! lol

    this pic is really creepy

  • Anonymous


  • Britt

    Now if it were Rob… lol

  • McVampy / KangaStew

    OMGGGGG. this is sexy ahahaha
    so.. the Volturi really DID film their scenes in NM in the nude. hmm

  • Anonymous

    He looks very long lol

    He does have a cute little butt ;-)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • RG_I’mEdwardF*ckingCullen!


  • cosmogirl21 <3 my Twisters

    Other Step-Wifey!!! lol…. *emmet hug*

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Never though he was hot….. until now!!!!

    ; )

  • Krys

    You are definitely not the only one. Some people just just keep covered up!

  • Krys


  • Lin

    Is that not Justin Chon?

  • Chantal Meijer



    GEt some clothes on you look like a crossdresser, only without clothes x’d!

  • Didyme

    i am remembering his cheek-iness about the volturis appering naked in new moon lol, its good to see he hasn’t lost his sense humour. I hope to see a lot more of him in the future : )
    he is a brilliant actor i am tired of the complaints about his looks- when people first heard robert was to play edward it hurt him to read so many nasty comments about his appearence,
    Jamie is a good looking guy! and sometmes they stuff up the make up I know jackson is hot but jasper dont look as good as he did in twilight, they changed jaspers apperance and im sorry they did

  • SPrada(Jamie’s Girl)

    I LOVE YOU! haha

  • Princessjinx525

    is he tanning his butt…… lolz

  • Katherine9717

    I hope that picture was taken in the middle of nowhere…

  • ilovecameronbright

    i love how he’s noy gay, its hilarious because he’s fucken engaged to Bonnie Wright, (a.k.a Ginney Weasly)_ so do your facts before you fucking critizse people you selfless bitch!

  • inlovewithcameronbright

    …holyyyyy shit! i love how photos of famous people get on the internet.. especially hot ones ;)

  • Mayrasaldana

    i wish i could see him like this everyday haha

  • don juan

    with poses like this how can u not wonder if he’s gay or bi?

  • Piper312

    i fucking hate his hair. he needs to cut it short. also he needs to work out. such a waste of a pretty face.

  • Re

    Just saying, that does NOT even look like jamie

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