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New Photos Of Kellan Lutz, Casey LaBow & Rami Malek Working With St. Bernard Project!

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We previously posted Kellan Lutz (aka Emmett Cullen) tweeting a photo of him and costars Casey LaBow (aka Kate) and Rami Malek (aka Benjamin).  St. Bernard Project Twitter tweeted a photo and a thank you to Kellan. 

Thanks for helping out on Friday @KellanLutz and Co! The Marchettas are closer to moving home thanks to you all!

UPDATE!   St. Bernard Project also posted some more photos of Kellan with Breaking Dawn vampire costars Casey and Rami on their website! 

We love our Twilight Saga cast!

[Source: St. Bernard Project via Kellan Lutz Online ]

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  • IndiesR

    Nice to see when these actors take time out of their busy schedule to help out with worthy causes. Melts my heart. Thank you Kellan

  • 5/09 LWNV – CHASKE felt my A$$


  • 5/09 LWNV – CHASKE felt my A$$

    Is it bad that I am looking at construction worker Kellan and I think I am having REAALY bad yet raunchy porn of him and I playing in my head?

    I think I need a gutter party for this one….

  • IndiesR

    I’ll bring the champaign and the cd player with raunchy porn music….see in you in gutterland. hahahaha

  • KL☼ W4E♥ Ami♣ BD1♂ BD2♀

    And it’s weird to see someone taller than Kellan…cause he’s a pretty BIG GUY!!! ♥ “Go Team Arm Wrestle!” lol

  • KL☼ W4E♥ Ami♣ BD1♂ BD2♀

    Hmmmm…what could you two construct together??? *thrums fingers* ♥

  • IndiesR

    Mmmmmmm…arm wrestling…shirtless (since arm wrestling really works up a sweat) hahahaha

  • KL☼ W4E♥ Ami♣ BD1♂ BD2♀

    …and since vampires don’t get cold, he can do without more than just the shirt…♥ ~ ahem ~

  • Jaypat

    Just in case you were wondering, I took down the Kellan in LA photos. I think they were from the Meskada premiere.

    Same suit. I just don’t those were from Saturday night.

  • IndiesR

    That’s ok, but my opinion still stands! End-of-the-tie baby!!! Yeah!! hhahahaha

  • IndiesR

    I love the way your mind works. hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Such an awesome thing they do. : )

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