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New Outtakes Surface From the ‘Unending’ Photo Shoot

11 Comments August 28, 2011 by Filed Under: Robert Pattinson

More new outtakes from the ‘unending’ photo shoot have been released!  This photo shoot was originally  done for TV Weekly Magazine in the Spring of 2010.  So many outtakes–over a hundred, so far!

I wish that all of Robert Pattinson’s photo shoots had as many outtakes! Gallery of more after the break.

To see more outtakes go to RPLife.

[Source: Setje PattinsonLife]

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  • Twiguest

    Oh my goodness.. More!?!?!? I freaking love these people! Keep the hotness coming! :)

  • I<3Headboards

    YEs my Fav photo shoot in the world lol .. i know this is random but i was on utube todayfound it way to easy to find all the leaked pictures n video’s for BD? now when i say easy i found like 6 videos no promblem and they been up since early Aug or even July.. I just find this wired,  i found pics i didnt even see the 1st time .. and their still not offical full trailer or clips.. What the heck is summit doing over their eating donuts? like really? like im really surprised that summit or utube didnt take them down

  • Beatriz924

    OMG I love rob you are so beautiful cute man life.

  • Anonymous

    hey everyone just found out that BD2 will be out November 16th( 2012 ) that is SO long! oh and I love the these pics of Rob!

  • Anonymous


  • BreesMom

    They check out these things on a regular basis but they seem to be random in their enforcement.

    Now that you’ve pointed this out, who knows?  They might go looking for these stills again. As the release gets closer for Breaking Dawn I, I’d imagine their schedules are busier than ever…might lose interest in old stills.  

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    The smirking..the pondering…THE SMOLDERING!!! GAhh! He’s gorgeous!

  • NewComerTeamEdwardOfCourse

    Doesn’t anybody else get the impression that even photographs have a crush on him too ? Cause we never see so many outtakes from anyone else’s photoshoot…not that I complain, though. 

    That guy bewitches everyone. Oh Rob…sorry, got “carried away”…again! ;-)

  • michelekelly

    Oh my, Oh my, Oh my….. :)

  • KL☼ Ami♠BD1♂Csmpls♦BD2♀

    Seriously, THOSE FINGERS!!!! Unf infinity… ♥

  • KL☼ Ami♠BD1♂Csmpls♦BD2♀

    They should still go for June/July…IMO ♥ If it’s about $$$ I believe Eclipse did better…plus, I reeeeeeally HATE the year wait! They’re both filmed…gah! lol

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