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  • asja

    I love Bill Condon and his way of work considering our beloved saga. I am really grateful for his effort. With that said, I must stress how disappointed I am to see that Bill’s vampires don’t glitter. OK, it may be silly and cheesy…but that’s the main reason they cannot go out on the bright day…and that has its part in the saga (Edward ditching classes and watching Bella read while hiding in the trees in twilight, his way of trying to commit suicide in the new moon etc) and I think that is important detail…and regardless of how silly that might be to Bill Condon i still believe he shouldn’t just ignore that part of vampire’s physical appearance. On the happier note…sooooooo happy to see Edward and Bella in the meadow again :)

  • Jennifer Rogers-Germain

    I think they just don’t glitter in the still shots b/c it’s too difficult to capture that effect. I am sure they will glitter in the movie.

  • Jennifer Rogers-Germain

    Beautiful photo.

  • Alisea

    So beautifl!!

  • spunknkstew_love (Melly)

    stunning. and so sweet!

  • LegHitchThis

    edward did glitter a bit in bd part 1. its a quick scene. it was when edward and bella were at the waterfall.

  • Alyssa

    I think they’re not glittering in this picture because they’re face is not in direct sunlight.

  • Alyssa


  • Amber eyes

    Love this shot, it’s so beautiful.

  • asja

    yes, I’ve noticed that… but it was a brief scene…considering they were on an island all their honeymoon, there should have been more scenes like that…but, let’s see how it looks in the movie…only then can i whine about non-glittering vampires all day LOL :D

  • nomnomnom_rob

    will someone please tell me what that is under robward’s legs? is it bella’s leg? I DON’T UNDERSTAND. hahaha (but seriously, i don’t understand)

  • LieslFez

    I’m sure that when the stills were taken that the effects were not in place yet. If I recall correctly, in the book when Bella looks at everyone for the first time as a vampire, she sees the “glittery” effect, but to translate that in to the movie, it would be an awful lot to look at and take in on the big screen, the effect could even become blinding. So I am all for a little less sparkle from our beloved vampires unless they’re in direct sunlight, like when Emmett and Bella are arm wrestling. There are definitely scenes where there needs to be sparkle and there are scenes where a little less sparkel is okay with me becuz the effect could become too much, not to mention its an expensive special effect, so using it throughout the movie in just about every scene could definitely become too much to look at.
    Back to my original point tho, special effects, such as the vampire sparkle, in a live action film aren’t typically in movie stills. Who knows, maybe Bill condon will make them sparkle in the meadow, we’ll just have to wait and see. Can’t wait cuz it’ll be my birthday too! *school girl scream* I don’t think Bill Condon would do us fans wrong, and Stephanie was there so my guess is she approved any possible changes, such as that new ending she and Melissa dreamed up over dinner. As long as Stephanie approves, I’m good with the end product.

  • LegHitchThis

    lol yeah it was really brief. i didnt even catch it the first time. the second time watching it is when i noticed. but youre right. they spent so much time in the sunlight and no sparkles to be found.

  • YummyRobwardowski

    I know!! I’m utterly confused!! I thought for sure it was Rob’s left leg bent under him….. but then what is that other leg looking jean thing by Bella’s back?! Maybe Renesmee is hiding in the pic… LOLOLOL!!!

  • Jay

    Makes me wonder if Stephenie will show up at the end of the movie and say this is all part of her dream.

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