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New Face Fridays Interview with Joe Anderson (Alistair)

Welcome to another New Face Fridays interview where your favorite Twilight fansites interview the new vampire cast in Breaking Dawn Part 2!  This week , we interviewed Joe Anderson who plays the solitary English nomad vampire whom is friends with Carlisle.

I absolutely adore Joe!  I’m a huge fan of the Beatles and Joe played Max in Across The Universe (one of my favorite films).   Here’s part of  our interview with Joe!

How much did you know about Twilight before you auditioned or before you got the part?

Joe Anderson: I wasn’t living on Mars so I knew a lot about it. Friends of the family as well were a little younger than I am, young girls, and they were huge, huge fans so when they found out that I was going to have something to do with it, my street cred went through the roof. So there was a gathering and watching of films together and getting excited about it. I’d seen all of them (the movies) I think by the time I was shooting in Canada.

Does that mean you haven’t read any of them?

Joe: No, you know interestingly enough, no, I did pick around the books. The interesting thing with Alistair is that the way he is used in the film versus the books is slightly different. For me it was more about taking this rather aloof character and developing him. And as an outsider, you know I wasn’t part of the previous movies, so I sort of felt like I had a bit of room to kind of play with this guy because none of the other characters quite knew what to expect and what have you.  So it was quite freeing – quite fun to sort of go in there and really sort of invent something.

 Read the rest of the interview at PageToPremiere!
Joe was wonderful!   I was very excited to interview him.  I had to ask him about Across The Universe and The Grey.   ‘Hey Jude’ was my favorite in Across The Universe.  I’ve heard it sung a million times, but Joe singing ‘Hey Jude’ was just simply amazing.  ’Happiness Is A Warm Gun’ was also my favorite.  :)  I’ve never cried and screamed so much watching The Grey since I gave birth to my kids!  LOL!  Great movie.   Plus I’m a huge fan of Liam Neeson!
Here are the clips of Joe in Across The Universe….. *sigh*
Hey Jude

Happiness is a Warm Gun with Salma Hayek

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  • Lux

    I saw “Across the Universe” a couple of years ago and liked it a lot too, I greatly enjoyed the soundtrack! Some versions were really amazing!

    Joe Anderson is definitely one of the new faces that I most expect to see in BD2. It gave me much more curiosity these differences between the Alistair in the book and the Alistair he interpreted or “invented” in the movie, he mentioned in the interview…

  • Sam

    I want to hug/kiss and thank whoever thought up the idea of interviewing all the new vamps! I’m loving these interviews :)

  • mirandathevampgirl

    That was such a great movie. I was hearing some of the songs today. And I’m really happy he’s in the movie too

  • Marilyn

    I love Joe Anderson!!!! He was awesome in Across The Universe, one of my favorite movies, & I am sure he will be just as good in BD2!

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