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New Face Fridays Interview with Guri Weinberg!

Here we are again for another New Face Fridays interview! Together with all our favorite Twilight websites, we interview the new vampire cast in Breaking Dawn Part 2! This Friday we interviewed Guri Weinberg who plays Stefan from the Romanian Coven!

Here’s part of his interview!

Question: What did you think of your costume and your makeup the very first time you saw yourself
fully decked out as your character?

Guri: Well I loved it. I mean it was a little freaky but I loved it. It was exactly what Michael, who is the
head wardrobe guy wanted when we first met and we put on the wardrobe. The eyes were a little
weird, cause I don’t wear contact lenses, so it took them half an hour to put them in and then it took me
another good half an hour to see through them. So when I actually figured out what I looked like, I was
pretty happy with it.

Question: You had never worn contacts before? That’s got to be a crazy situation.

Guri: Ya, it was awful. But because we had a whole department of people that handled the contacts and
put them in our eyes. The first two weeks it would drive them crazy because it would take them a good
half hour to put them in my eyes and they said you know we are never going to get through this and I
said well you should try to be me.

Read the rest of Guri’s interview at Twiligtish!

Guri was hilarious!  Love that guy!  Must read his interview!  I just wish at the end of the interview I said GFY to him because he started all that. LOL!

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  • mary pat

    Again, impeccable casting – He IS Stefan !

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