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New Exclusive Breaking Dawn Footage on ET!

New behind-the-scenes footage from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 just aired on Entertainment Tonight! ET showed Edward & Bella in a boat while they honeymooned in Brazil, as well as a clip of the wolf pack in the woods surrounding the Cullen household.

Ashley Greene also talks about how she planned the wedding down to the tiniest detail as Alice.

Jackson Rathbone explains how the vamps are forced to stay in the Cullen house under threat from an angry wolfpack, and the problems it causes for Bella.

ET also recapped the recently released Breaking Dawn.

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  • I<3Headboards

    this was pretty much he same as the yahoo video right?? I really didnt see anything new that i never saw.. whatever ET is a bust anyway lmao – I cant wait for this movie thought and im see so much Tv spot (not complaining) im just saying it a good thing Im happy they are promoting this movie

  • Kez_MLIT..100%switz.stew.riley

    I LOVE Jackson’s hair in this film!
    also, cracks me up that they obviously have no idea about the story, since when does Bella have the Denali coven as her bridesmaids?! haha.

  • D. Martin

    Okay.  I know – and some of YOU know – that I’m hearing impaired but I could not hear ANYTHING.   So is it me or the video?

  • SureSure4RobSTEN!

    I was about to post the SAME thing! Come on, there has to be an intern in the building or SOMEBODY to proof read the story lol

  • Will

    Did we see this footage of the wolfpack in the forest before?

  • Anonymous

    It’s way to low, I couldn’t hear anything she was saying LOL

  • Will

    The audio is bad–someone used a handheld camera to film it from a TV. I’m sure the official version will come out soon, and I’ll post it when it does.

  • Wendy

    Thank God, I thought it was just me who couldn’t hear,  I was getting onto my kid for blowing my speakers…..  lmao…. 

  • ihatejane

    so why are they trapped in the house? in the book they were able to feed. they did not want to eat bella…at least not that i remember :)

  • in the book the Cullens can’t hunt because the werewolves might attack them

  • Anonymous

    Lol that was my reaction to it as well…since when are the Denali’s the bridesmaids of Bella? Did ET write a new part for the book?!? :o

  • Anonymous

    Yeah it was a bad video…nothing too interesting. All Ashely said was that “Alice had planned a very over the top wedding, decadent…she had planned what everyone would wear…what Bella would wear at her honeymoon”. I didn’t really get what Jackson said because I was so distracted by ETs blunder in calling the 3 Denali sisters the bridesmaids of Bella. Lol.

  • Skittles

    I thought the sound was because the babies chewed on my head phones again  haha Can’t wait for TwiFest shown at

  • I<3Headboards

    yes when he talking to the pack and Seth n Leah are behide Jacob?? not sure if thats the one ur taljing about or when the pack is in front of the cullens

  • Anonymous

    they really haven’t added anything new, it seems that they just have it put together differently with all the little clips they have been showing…… the only part was Leah and Seth in the background telling Jake they were coming…

  • Anonymous

    I watched ET tonight, they are just messing with everyone about exclusive information.  It is actually just a different view of what we have here with pictures from people magazine and the US magazine, and really lousy sound.

  • Anonymous

    Hi lovinggrandmother, yah the sound was bad, so I used my earbuds. They know us Twihards will tune in to see anything Twilight related.

  • lady danag

    AAAAh LOVE U JACKSONNNnnnn $#%^&*(

  • ifonly2011

    I saw that and thought how mis-leading!!!

  • Mary Masen

    Yeah, at the Comic-Con clip with Jacob. 
    In the clip it was night so, I guess they filmed it during daylight (as seen from the ET video) and then used special effects to make everything darker.  They did a good job actually.

  • Mirandathevampgirl

    all igot tosay is that we are getting closerand closer evry day we are in for a serious treat

  • Rianna

    Though the movie sounds great, the part about the wolves is no where near the way the book is. After Jacob leaves, the rest of the wolves don’t attack and their is a ‘temp’ truce where the Cullens can go hunt. That’s when Carylse, Esme and I think Emmit and Alice aren’t there for the birth so Edward has to deliver the baby

  • Rianna

    Yeah, Bella is very intimidated by the Denali’s and 1 even flirts with Edward during the reception. No way they would be bridemaids

  • Krista

    Anyone else notice they said that Edward and Bella were in the boat on a LAKE? Last time i checked it was one ocean… as they were going to Isle Esme! And of course what a crack up calling the Denali’s her bridesmaid, that wouldnt happen! Gotta love ET :)

  • kerbear585


    one thing…narrator, get your facts straight, those aren’t her bridesmaids….she doesn’t have any! duhhhh

  • TeamEC1918

    Oh lord “Bellas bridesmaids” “Ashley Green sitting next to husband Jackson Rathbone

  • Anonymous

    *shakes head at ET*

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