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New ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ TV Spot! Love Lasts A Lifetime

Another new Breaking Dawn Part 2 TV spot! Love Lasts A Lifetime! A couple new scenes! The meadow! *le sigh*

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  • ★FreezeBurn♥RobMyCooter★BTB®

    IKR! It really ticks me off when some of the scenes from the trailers are not in the movie. It’s a total WTF moment.

  • Mary Pat

    Agree with you 100%. No other actors could have been our Bella and Edward. Again, fantastic casting throughout. Could there have been a better Charlie, Jacob, Aro, Billy Black, Alice? By the way, stay safe to all of our Twilight fan friends on the East coast of the US facing hurricane Sandy today.

  • jule

    oh god im getting anxiety just thinking that that could be one of the last twilight scenes we ever see!!!! breathe** the meadow…..amazing…..i got married last weekend and one of the places we got picts looks like the meadow….ahhhh i cant wait but at the same time im so sad!!! i have 2 sets of tickets already :) first are for midnight session and the second later on that day….i friken love twilight!!!!

  • Secert_twi_girl

    I second thatt! I remember sitting in the theater waiting for Edward to B- slap Jacob across the room in breaking dawn part1, never happened!
    On another note was that picture new or someing? its different from the spot.

  • Secert_twi_girl

    that would be cool … no epic!

  • Secert_twi_girl

    or watch old interviews and the movies, it works for me!

  • Secert_twi_girl

    Some loves last a lifetime… Theirs will last Forever. (wipes tears from face)

  • ★FreezeBurn♥RobMyCooter★BTB®

    It’s from the leaked footage from earlier in year. *evil grin*

    Want some more? Here ya go! ☺

  • jule

    “I never thanked you for this extraordinary life.” something about that line gives me chills and i love it!!! 15 sleeps to go is AUS!!! I cant wait!!!!! and i cant stop watching this!!!

  • EdwardsNana

    Thanks MaryPat, It was amazing to me also, this devoted cast stuck with all the movies for over four years.
    The only change was Victoria. I loved them both.
    In fact, this wonderful cast made us envy being a Cullen and being part of this family. I wish every family had that kind of love and family devotion to each other. Our world would have no problems.
    I too Pray for our dear Twilight fans & Twi-sisters & everyone facing that spiteful Sandy.

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