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  • Mary Pat

    Oh my ! Jacob phasing in front of Charlie………Buckle up, ladies, this is going to be a rough ride !

  • CharliesStache

    Charlie! I’ll miss all the other humans, but I’m glad he’s still around.

  • Sade

    Jacob with steam???? Come on LOL!

  • Lux

    Wow!!! Poor Charlie, It really could give him a heart attack in that scene. So impressive. I can’t wait!!

  • MrsVampire

    too many spoilers ;<

  • Vanessa

    Less than a month away!!

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    I think that’s because he’s hot (both temperature and looks. LOL) I think 108 degrees? So outside in the cold, steam would be coming off him.

  • Mary Masen

    <3 it's amazing!! 24 days left!!! *squeee*

  • Lucetta

    Hahaha poor Charlie!

  • VampireAngel91

    OMG! They kept Jake phasing in front of Charlie!!!! YAY!! Thanks BC! Even more exctied now!!

  • EleazarTheVampire

    three words: That Was Awesome!

  • Mary Pat

    What will happen to this site after BD2 is released?

  • jenle

    i LOVE Jacob!!

  • Unique Jenique

    I was really hoping they would include Jacob phasing in front of Charlie. I had my doubts, considering in the book Jacob just told Bella about it. But Bill Condon did not disappoint. This is why I love him. Charlie’s face!

  • Unique Jenique

    I wonder what is with the brown eye shifting into red. I had two theories: 1. This is during Bella’s transformation that we might still see at the beginning of BD2 OR 2. This is when she is wearing the contacts and her venom melts away the brown lenses.

  • twilove82

    oh my poor charlie i cant wait another 25 days for this to come out

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    We’ll still post what we can until the DVD is released and post about the cast’s upcoming films. We’re not going anywhere anytime soon. :)

  • ElianaNoelle

    holy cow!!! I cannot even…wow that was a tv spot! Charlie’s reaction was perfect!!! I luvs it!

  • rinjv

    If you pause the video at 22 seconds; where the vampires run towards each other in battle, if you look at the small group of volturi who stay behind (most likely the leaders, their wives, Jane, Alec etc) you can see a small flame. It’s where Irina is burned and destroyed.

  • twihard

    “WOW” this looks like an intense scene here but you gotta admit it’s one heck of a scene which of course Love it!!! I was wondering how it was going to play itself actually I wondered about all the scene but saw some and must say they are AWSOME love Charlie in this scene he takes it like a man!!!

  • irrevocablysue

    I love the “Charlie” scenes!!!!

  • Lill

    It’s totally when the venom melts away the brown lenses ! !!!

  • teambella2008

    i seriuosly can not wait. the 24 days cant come fast enough

  • jite4vanquish

    I’ve never seen Charlie so scared! This is gonna be great!

  • lovinggrandmother

    Holy Shi—– !!!! that was just awesome, just the way I saw it in my head. Wow !

  • TeamJacob&Pack<3

    OMG! They kept the part where jacob phases in front of charlie. I literally squealed when i saw it. 24 more days!!!!!!! (^O^)/

  • iluvtwilightmre

    Holy CRAP! I just realized Bella’s wearing her own Cullen crest cuff!

  • JBAG(JustA#Baby)Mar09

    Yes!!! Jacob changing in front of Charlie!!! X) FTW! <3

  • K2☼_BD2♀TR♣QotD♦MB♂HO2M

    I am beyond ready!!! Hurry up November! :)

  • Sade

    Yeah, but we had never seen steam before XD

  • asja

    Two years ago, after the Eclipse came out we were discussing about the scenes we’d love to see in BD, and I’ve said I’d LOVE to see Jacob phasing in front of Charlie, and someone here told me that it’s not even a scene in a book, it’s something Jacob tells happened but it would be great to have it on screen…I am soooo sooo soooooooooooo happy to see they made it a scene…sooo happy :D

  • ifonly2011

    Oh my, goosebumps indeed! Lurve Charlie!!!

  • ifonly2011

    I have such a good feeling about part 2!!!! :)

  • Overally_Obsessed_Twihard

    I’m so glad they have included Jacob morphing into a wolf in front of Charlie. I always hoped they would. And he looks so serious as well! Can’t wait! only a couple of weeks now!And the close up of the eye at the beginning… WOW

  • Amber Eyes

    So f***ing fantastic that they left in the scene with Charlie. LOVE IT!!!!!! It’s THE scene I am most looking forward to. Charlie finally being let in on it (to a point). Part of me really wishes he would be transformed as well due to some unforeseen circumstance. Then he would be with Bella forever as well. So psyched to see this.

  • Jennifer Rogers-Germain

    I think Charlie was more than a bit surprised.

  • Kim Sievers

    what´s the name of that song? who is the composer?

  • Mel

    Omg I just realized that its not Edward breaking the ice when he jumps up D: it’s another vamp

  • EleazarTheVampire

    i think (its just a guess) it might be Benjamin. just judging by pictures and the clothes thats on the vamp that punches the ground.

  • Kristin Palacios

    Charlie and Jacob! Charlie and Jacob! AHHHHHHH

  • Lill

    I thought everybody knew it was Benjamin like he does have the power to manipulate the elements which explains why the ice breaks in half .
    Also by the way he is dressed its totally Benjamin because Edward doesn’t have a scarf on when they battle .

  • twilight_girl

    Charlie’s reaction, priceless.

  • Silence’s Voice

    OMG!! I can’t believe they finally put the Charlie-Jacob scene in, I thought they wouldn’t risk it!! I’m 1000% glad they did!! This is going to be funny -I laughed so much imagining poor Charlie wathcing the only one who he still trusted (better than Edward) get naked in front of him and turn into an enormous wolf!!! XD Too much…

  • Silence’s Voice

    That’s gonna be cool to watch. I would SO MUCH love to see Charlie seeing her eyes turn red, even though I think that scene wasn’t in the book… =S He would maybe freak out!! ;P

  • lovebabe

    i cant wait until part 2 comes out

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