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  • Drew B.

    Why is she screaming?!

  • Lux

    I agree, I find this pic very confusing. I guess we can only wait and see …

  • jay

    I’m guessing she’s barely making it back when the fight’s going on and she tries to stop it.

  • Jade

    Maybe this is part of what happens in her first vision if she stays… The Volturi take her. OMG what if they show Jasper being killed?! I’m gonna freak.

  • melique

    i think someone is being killed and she comes bk just in time and then the cullen are going to have a chance to prove their innocence……….

  • Alice

    Me too, but maybe this isn’t her vision, maybe it’s the fight… That’d be kinda cool, I mean one time it’s not only Bella, who has the problems

  • Prince G Larida

    “SPOILER” saw the movie, she just saw jasper getting his head ripped off. but don’t worry! just the vision!

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