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New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser Trailer: We Want Your Reactions!

Today, on Edward’s 111th Birthday, the new Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer was released, and boy it didn’t disappoint!

From the Egyptian to Nomad Covens, a mothering Bella and Nessie, to a FIERCE Momma/Vampire Bella, the teaser trailer was amazing from start to finish!

The Volutri and their witnesses look soooo creepy! And the image of Jane with what I believe is an immortal child just sends shivers down my spine!

I can’t believe how far we have come from Twilight, New Moon, and even Eclipse.  Bill Condon has really knocked it out of the ball park with Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2.

What do you think about the newly released teaser trailer? Love it? Hate it? Want more? Let us know in the comments section!

In case you somehow missed the trailer .. check it out here!

Also — we have over 170 screencaps after the break!!

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  • twiheart

    Amen, Nana….will they have a rehab set up for all the withdrawals that will occur with no more movies to look forward to?  I will probably listen to my audio books and watch the DVDs the rest of my life.  Thank  you Stephenie.

  • BreakingDawnFan

    I really enjoyed the trailer but I do have some issues. The first is it lokked really animated for some reason to me. The Volturi looks really off. Mainly Aro. I was expecting something totally different with Renesmee. I thought they would make her look younger with CGI. If fact I remember the producer say that was why the second movie had to be relased a year later. From what I saw Renesmee looked every bit of 8 or 9 years old. I also think they showed way too much. They pretty much summarized the movie. If they show any more trailers (which I’m sure they will) they’ll be done played the whole movie. Maybe its just me (Although I doubt it, its okay to not love it) but I feel like its to theatrical looking. I keep saying this but it really is missing that indie feel like Twilight and New Moon had. Ever since those two movies everything looks like its shot in a studio or using green screen. Last but certainly not least, where are they going with that fight scene. I have reason to believe that they’ll shock us and it’ll just be one of Alice’s visions. I think to add a scene like that really isn’t staying true to the book. I know that you have to add things for substance but in order to make it believeable a Cullen would have to die. That’s just like that fight scene between The Cullens and The Wolves. It was completely unnecessary. I know it may not seem like it but I really do enjoy the series. Really wish she would continue to write for the series because the story is really intriguing.

  • CullenClanW/aPlan

    I agree with you. I am a huge fan and been looking forward to this, but the trailer is missing something. The Twilight world is missing. . the first two movies felt like home. This does not. It is very animated, almost poorly so. The locations/settings look like backdrops in a play in a strange way. Very dramatic writing as well. The trailer makes the movie look like a soap opera. . . disappointing in my opinion. :-/ I will still see it on opening night, but I wish they had put some creativity and authenticity into this movie. 

    Who knows. . . maybe it will awesome after all, but probably won’t be the movie I put in my DVD player over and over again like I do the first one. 

  • TSBDP2

    I see your point. However, these differences and decisions they make are justified. They can’t simply make it exactly like the book. It’s impossible. And remember, they are far from finished with the film. The visual effects are probably still being tweaked and cleaned up. So what you see here probably isn’t exactly how it will look in the final product. 
      The thing with Renesmee, I know she is toddler-size in the book, but you can’t really get an awesome performance out of a 4-5 year old actress; especially with this role. However, this doesn’t mean we wont see a younger Renesmee. They will obviously show her rapid growth, from baby, to toddler, to small child, to 8 or 9-ish looking. 
      They aren’t showing to much in this trailer either. There’s roughly two hours of it we haven’t seen. One minute and 15 seconds is just a drop in the bucket.
    Also, adding things like the fight in Alice’s vision and the fight in PART 1 is NOT deviating from the book. In the book, we only get what Bella sees. It’s from her perspective. Obviously, in a movie, we aren’t looking through the eyes of Bella the entire time. There is stuff that happens that Bella is either unaware of or can’t see. Like Alice’s vision. Alice could have very well had a vision like that, but in a book we don’t read about it because Bella can’t see it. Movie’s are more omniscient. In the book, as Bella undergoes her transformation immediately after giving birth, we are inside her head. ANYTHING could have gone on around her and she wouldn’t have known. Now, in the movie we see whats going on around her. That fight between the wolfpack and the Cullens could have very well happened, but we obviously don’t read about it because Bella is unaware of it. There are in fact advantages of movies over books. That is one of them.

  • BreakingDawnFan

    Okay. I have taken everything that you’ve stated into consideration. But the fight scene between the Cullens and Wolfpack wasn’t justified. We know for a fact that that didn’t occur. The wolves never made an attempt on the Cullens so therefore it wouldn’t have esculated that far. Once Jacob, Seth, and Leah dismember from Sam’s pack he only monitored LaPush. They show Sam’s pack staked outside of the Cullens house. Also that fight scene showed the Cullens in poor light. I get that they haven’t fed and are a little weak, but Edward, Alice, and Jasper has powers. They always downplay Edwards mind reading. There’s no way he would’ve lost a fight to Sam. That’s just like when Carlise bested him in Eclipse. That’s wouldn’t have happened either. Alice may have been at a disadvantage with her visions. The only one would came out a winner was Jasper which I get. Its the little details that count. They should utilize them.

  • EL304

    I LOVE IT. Renesmee is so much bigger/older looking than I expected :O And Edward with Renesmee=too cute i’m dying.


    I have to go to Twilight rehab I’m suppose to be studying for an exam and I’m busy watching the trailer over and over and over and over again…. These movies make me wish Twilight was real ..i know i sound sick but i do wish this existed with vampires like the I don’t blame Bella for wanted to become like them I would too. There will never be another movie like Twilight EVER…

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Same here, I keep watching it over and over again too. I saw it already broke records for most viewing in one day over on Yahoo. Over 7 million. Way to go Twilight BD2.

  • EdwardsNana

    Well said Miranda.  It is always nice to hear from you.

  • EdwardsNana

    Hi Twiheart!!!  You have that right.  I hope they save a room for me in “twilight rehab”

  • EdwardsNana

    Hi LG!!!!  Well you and I sure know what joy the “twilight experience” has been for us.  What a ride.

  • Liza

    i agree on that theatrical thing. And the fight thing. and the Aro thing :D I think the vampires look weird…too fake kinda. Hmm..we’ll see

  • vampiregirl1

    totally loved it omg cant wait for the movie  bella edward and renesmee look so awsome  in this one  impatiently waiting

  • Secert_twi_girl

    I think the battles going to be part of alices vison and the reason they are showing it now in this context is because they want a bigger adience to come to the movie.  but ya I wish we could have seen the cool Vamp powers more but then again part 1 did have more of those little details then new moon or eclipse, such as edward being able to talk to Jacob across the lawn without yelling.

  • Nrquinn

    we need another follow up on nessie that tells how she grows up ; when shent  and jacob marries and lives forever . it would be a nice ending .  i guess i am stuck on twilight movies. i am a person that does not read but this movie series keeps your attention…love it .

  • Tina

    love it!!!!! so much !!! hurry up november!!

  • nicky_march

    Like you I enjoyed the trailer, cuz seeing things come to life is amazing..and also like you I have issues..but I usually do w/movies made from my favorite books,and I think anyone like me will never be happy unless it sticks extremely close to the book. Ya know, to deviate a bit from the actual storyline, I understand, but its when they have the characters say/do things that would never happen, it justs means the characters arent ex: twilight: edward and bella at top of giant tree, bella- “this isnt real..stuff like this dosent exist”, edward- “it does in my world” UGH! edward would never say anything to bella that would glorify being a vampire in the beginning. Eclipse: bella leaving edward on jacobs motorcycle while edward stands there alone watching..YEAH RIGHT!!! Bella goes w/jake on his bike when edwards hunting; bella does love jake, but if edwards there she would never turn her back on him; her love for edward eclipses her love for jacob. Dont even get me started on the victoria/edward fight; w/edward dragging bella by the hand at one point, moving at human speed lol, and of course they end up getting the better of him, why oh why do they always have to have edward at a disadvantage? just like the ridiculous volturi scene in new moon, which i forgot to mention: edward getting his ass kicked, almost getting his head ripped off until bella screamed, while demetri has alice by the throat..I think she wouldve seen that one coming lol. Oh, another eclipse one, bellas lame speech at the about misinterpreting the entire series w/the “its not about u ” comment. And then BD1, I was honestly impressed. At first I started bitching about little things; theyre supposed to be married inside, should be 2 hair combs, etc..and I realized as long as it dosent change who the characters are, so what? But the physical fight w/the much would change, even if no one got killed/hurt, they would never be able to get over it…do you think jasper would ever be able to forgive and be civil w/ a quileute wolf who pinned alice down and tried to tear her throat out? Instead of concentrating on edward/jacob becoming close, jacob/rosalie bickering, they add a fight to satisfy people who think the series is boring. And I do hope the end scene w/the volturi is resolved like it is in the book, intellectually, not violently; SM said in an interveiw if the battle started, at least one cullen would die..if one died, they all die…so its pretty impossible. I like the fact that the end is all anticipation, and then a mental battle. Its like a court room drama, battled out w/ words. I honestly think they shouldve had a more constant bella narration throughout the series…kinda like carrie in sex n the city. I hear people say they have to add action to attract audiences, which means theyll change the story for people who dont actually care about twilight novels n who will forget the movie in a month, instead of keeping to the storyline, and satisfying true fans, even if it ends up being a smaller fanbase for the movies, the smaller fanbase will cherish the movies and it would stand the test of time. Well, they always remake movies from popular books many times, I bet twilight will be redone every decade or two, so heres hopin we get a twilight movie thats meant to satisfy fans and not pop culture!

  • Mary_Pat

    I really hope that Melissa Rosenberg didn’t take it upon herself to change the story.  In each movie there is evidence that she thinks “she could have written it better”  The fact is this is Stephenies’ story – not hers.  We are fans of Stephenies books not Melissa Rosenbergs hack jobs.  In each film she has taken license to change some very important issues…Hope this time that Stephenie is a producer Melissa stuck to the content of the books.  There was no fight scene in the end of BD – hope that this is a vision and not a MR re-write.

  • Monicaheath-digby

    Is rob and kristin married because I was thinking that the whole time I seen the first part of part 1 on breaking dawn? They look so romantic together.    p.s my eyes turn grey when I breathe really hard  is that natural?

  • Monicaheath-digby

    your talking right girl!

  • Monicaheath-digby

    your not talking right girl.

  • Monicaheath-digby

    I think I’m in love with rob he’s so romantic.

  • kristenXXrobert

    why it take so long?!?! :( (
    i can’t wait …

  • Aleitheia

    Without a fight scene at the end, this movie will flop – and big-time. I hope that Stephenie allows for artistic license with this movie so that they can add a fight scene, and still stay mostly true to her novel.

    However, I thought “Breaking Dawn” was the figurative “turd in the punch bowl” book that ruined the Twilight Saga for me, and therefore I won’t be seeing this movie. This is why my favorite character is Jasper; and my favorite book/movie, “Eclipse”. I honestly thought “Eclipse” was the best “Twilight Saga” movie yet, and Rotten Tomatoes agrees with me (49%, tied with the first “Twilight” movie). Compare about 25% on Rotten Tomatoes for both “New Moon” and “Breaking Dawn: Part 1″.

    Just like when I saw “Breaking Dawn Part 1″, I fell asleep 20 min. into the movie. There was no action there, no substance…I found it very boring and cheesy overall. Please, let Bill Condon and Melissa Rosenberg improve this movie for the better!

  • Edna a; Zamora

    Its been everyday since I have first glance on the pictures, cant wait any longer to see these. Very exciting to see Bella to be a full blown Vampire, cant wait to see Renesmee. Ive been addicted to these story, crazy but its true.

  • Alice97

    This is amazing. <3

  • regulargirl101

    I know that someone might not read this but, the new trailer that came out, well, it was good but i wished there was more there. Like the showing of bella’s father coming and seeing her for the first time getting back, and or that Edward, Bella, and Renesmee move into a little cottage. By the way the trailer was very fun to watch but the only thing is i wish there was more then just that because in really excited to see the new movie and alot of other people are coming out and sitting on the streets wating to be the first to get a ticket but thats not me. But, I’m really happy, excited, and exstactic!

  • Christina Mae Fannin

    cant wait!!!…

  • Silence’s Voice

    I am as critical as you with every movie (not just Twilight ;P), but I have to say I really doubt that they will re-make Twilight again. If they did, well… I don’t think it would be to make it more true to the books, but probably the opposite…
    I agree on everything you said. The fight in BD1 left me in shock… Are they now supposed to live together happily, like two united families, linked by Jacob-Reneesme? Come on, their memories are better than that, I believe… =S
    About the final “battle” in BD2, I’m pretty sure it will be a B-A-T-T-L-E, with all its letters, because if they invented one, why are they not going to transform the other one?
    I wish they did try and make just a good movie, not one that looked “cool” to as many people as possible, but that’s their job, I’m affraid. They need money, that’s what they do movies for, and they must reach as bigger a public as possible. If it’s necessary to change the story, they will do it. It’s a bit sad, but that’s what it is. However, we will always have our imagination to make our own movies, and those we will always love and enjoy, won’t we? ;3 <3

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